The Daily Leo #74 - FIFA NFTs, Crypto Scams, Ethics and Early Adoption

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Manage Your Finances Carefully Today To Be Well Prepared For Tomorrow!

Financial planning is a way of thinking about your money in advance. It's not just a matter of knowing how much you have, but also what you want to do with it.

@reeta0119 is a freelancer, working from home and this alone is a challenge since she does not have a predefined earning amount every month. In this post, she is sharing some tips about to make the most out of your income!

Football Fans Will Now Own A Part Of The FIFA World Cup

FIFA, the international governing body of soccer, has announced that it will launch a NFT platform for soccer fans. The platform will allow users to purchase virtual items and collectibles for their favorite teams and players.

This exciting announcement comes as soccer is set to surpass the global revenue of football in 2022. How do you think this will affect the sports' industry?

Cryptocurrency: Will It Make Us All Rich...Or Not?

The blockchain revolution has been called "the most important innovation since the internet." There are so many ways it will change things that it's hard to know where to start. It could radically alter the entire global economy, but of course the incumbents aren't going to exit quietly in the night."Technology tends to be an all or none proposition. This is why disruption is so powerful" And the real question that inevitably pops is Will it make us rich? Or will it make us all broke?

Easy Strategy to Avoid Crypto Scams And Hacks.

When it comes to crypto scams, hackers and other scammers are becoming more and more sophisticated in their methods of getting your money. They can use fake ID’s, fake emails, or any other kind of ruse to get your private information. There are some simple ways & guidelines to follow so that you can stay safe in the cryptoland

Profit Vs Ethics

This article brings to the table a very controversial topic. There are many ways for someone to make a profit, to run a profitable business. The same goes with crypto. There are many projects, the values/scopes of which may not agree with our own morals or ethics. How would you feel if you were able to make good profit but from a project, with which you would be totally opposed to?

What Does 'Early Adopter' Mean To You?

When did you first discover crypto? When you made this discovery, what did you do? Fast forward to this moment, how would you assess your own actions and your journey? @acesontop remembers his first computer that was the top-notch in the hood at that time, and the IT who sold it to him who really got into BTC when it was $6K. But is he considered as an early adopter? Or are we and everyone who is using the technology as we read these lines, the early adopters who will shape our future?

Relaunch of The Daily LEO + LeoFinance backing HPUD

On this day two years ago, @khaleelkazi launched The Daily Leo.

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I am glad I had read three out of all of the posts that made it to the daily Leo today.

The first one being
Manage Your Finances Carefully Today To Be Well Prepared For Tomorrow!

And I loved how @reeta0119 can sort her monthly expenses out at the beginning of the month while she preserves some funds for saving, loan repayment, and investment plans.

The second one is
What Does 'Early Adopter' Mean To You?

And I enjoyed how @acesontop tried to remind us that it doesn't matter if we got into a venture early or not and that what matters is what we make out of it. Cos it's easy for someone to get on board early and doesn't make great use of the exposure and someone gets in late and does even better.

Finally, I read
Relaunch of The Daily LEO + LeoFinance backing HPUD

And I am excited that the #LPUD is joining hands to make #HPUD better by motivating us to power up Hive every month as Lions too. I am more excited because I had been doing the HPUD initiative since January this year, and the fact that more Lions will be joining this race makes it more fun and motivating.

Thanks for sharing, @katerinaramm. I hope I'll find time to visit the rest of the publications. But I am not promising you because I have completed my engagement goals for today. Maybe tomorrow, I'll get the chance to visit another group of great posts that will make it to the #dailyleo

Shout to you, and the entire leofinance team for always coming up with initiatives to keep us glued to the community. 💪💪💪💪

Thank you so much for your kind words! Happy to know that you had already read & appreciated some of the posts included :)
Keep an eye out for tomorrow's Daily Leo - more finance-crypto news shall be included!

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Keep an eye out for tomorrow's Daily Leo - more finance-crypto news shall be included

I definitely will. Thank you.

now this is how you engage, fren

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Lol. Thanks for the appreciation 🙌

Engagement 101 by @iskafan. :')

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Hahaha 😂.... Someone is teasing me 😆😆

Noooo. As Nifty mentioned above, this is how you engage. Your comment is a classic example. Keep it up girl. xD

so proud, i'm going to cry

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Awesome. Nice one Kat. Thanks for plugging my blog into the first revamped daily LEO. This goes in history books. xD

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