Why I Am Grateful To The Blockchain. 

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Most times when people think of the opportunities brought by Blockchain, they think mostly about cryptocurrency. Blockchain was indeed made popular through cryptocurrency but there are other opportunities the Blockchain has made available to us. There are now web3 jobs, real-world assets tokenization, etc. These have presented opportunities for people.

I am grateful to Blockchain for the following :

My current online jobs.

Before now, it was difficult to land a remote job online. Most online jobs are more like freelancing jobs that are not secured. You only get paid if you are fortunate to land a job in a month, otherwise, you end the month without any income.

Today, I am fortunate to have jobs where I am paid monthly, and I work remotely. Because we work remotely, this has allowed us to have more than two jobs. The Good thing is that those from low-tier countries are paid in currency greater in value than their native currency.


Despite the current situation of things in the market, cryptocurrency is another product of Blockchain that I am very grateful for. The proof of stake consensus mechanism has allowed me to maximize my monthly income. I remember making close to $30 per day from staking rewards before the dip. It was something that is not easily achievable offline. When I add my earnings from Staking to my salary from the project I work for, it amounts to something huge, and I do so in the comfort of my home.

Play to Earn Games / Content Creation

This is another product of Blockchain that has given me a good earning opportunity. It has also helped to improve my creative mind because these play-to-earn games need one to be creative to earn well. The same thing goes for creating content on paid-to-post sites. Our creativity is been monetized.

Countries have started giving Blockchain and cryptocurrency a chance. Today we have Bitcoin ATMs in many countries, and some countries have accepted Bitcoin as the payment method. The future is bright for Blockchain and I am happy about that.



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