Subconsciously Learning & Building To Negate Volatility

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I like to think that I'm more of a subconscious learner more than an intentional one. This is because, on the surface, I hate struggling. sometimes I give up when I see or imagine the price I have to pay to learn something that might truly be beneficial to me.

While I've hated and chastised myself for this unruly attitude, what I've come to realize is most times when I seem too lazy to learn, the main reason is only that I do not want to set target, I hate learning under pressure, so I mostly reject the prospect of learning under a certain timeframe but choose to learn at my pace without placing any expectations of achievement or result.

The pressure that comes with intense learning can make the process futile

However, when I was younger, I never set any target for myself, the goal was to survive and be better than that the day before. When the standard of living got better and savings improved maybe in the course of two years or more and provided I wasn't in debt and not paying bills for any terminal disease.

Inasmuch as I do not set targets or goals, I'm the kind of person who feels that I just need to strive with everything inside of me, while inadvertently achieving some of the goals some people would set a timeframe for. Although two things'll happen: without pressure, I might relapse, most people do better under pressure, and while people who perform poorly under pressure might hate themselves.

I tend to believe that people who hate pressure have their strong suit.

Back in the day, I wasn't a big saver, but I wasn't a huge spender as well. I mostly choose consistency, gathering small portions for a long period. I know that time is of the essence, a lot of people are thrilled by accomplishing big things in a small timeframe, hitting huge milestones by all means, the advantage of this is that people who set small timeframes get to save their time, but sticking to my modus operandi doesn't mean my strategy is the best in the world.

In fact, it might even make me look stupid, but one thing I've discovered is that people who do not make plans to suit their anatomies often ends up with alien accomplishment, which might not even be synchronized with who they are.

The illusion of disinterest

For example, I didn't jump on splinterlands when it was still steemmonsters, the main reason for this is that I believe I wasn't a gamer, I believed this for 3 years, but down the line, and I realized that this was a game I could invest time and a little cash and let it expand for five years or more.

I decided not to pressure myself to learn, I figured that I could learn at my own pace, but then after 6 to 7 months of playing, I discovered that I had even learned at an unimaginable pace, more than I would if I was stubbornly intentional about it.


The Splinterlands' Narrative

Splinterlands is my type of thing, even though I didn't and still do not have all the money to spend, being about to buy the little I can at intervals is my thing. I know that the game has come under scrutiny of late, so many questionable decisions, and the FUD of not reaching those unimaginable heights again, these irregularities often trigger uncertainties and prevent people from being long-term, even though the game is decent, the prospect might not be life-changing, but an opportunity to compound and expand

I've come to realize that I'm the long-term type of builder, the pressure to make money doesn't generate more orgasm than the delight of constantly growing no matter the speed

The endgame for this might be shitty, and the strategy might be crude

but the absence of luck is the only element that might negate the inevitability of success in long-term building. Sometimes, we position ourselves to live in the moment, while this isn't bad, we often question these tactics when we miss out big time.

The Prospects Of Effort & Reward

Sometimes we measure the prospective effort we need to put in with the possibility of gains we might get and the idea that effort isn't worth the time is why we miss out, but at the same time, because the life of finance and accumulation doesn't guarantee the endgame of financial freedom, some people would choose the "hand-to-mouth" of constantly scrapping for gains, because building might just be overrated and not worth it.

I've lived a life where I didn't need too much to make me happy, so why change the level of frequency with a little change in financial capacity? A lot of people are envious of long-term building, but they've set themselves up to be short-termed and unstable.

I know that Crypto is the direct definition of volatility, but this doesn't mean that this volatility should coruscate into our lives and dictate how we should live

But wait

even builders need the element of luck because we still need to admit that time and constant effort guarantees nothing, especially in the crypto space, in fact, "guarantee" is not a word I like to flaunt around.

I like to think that we often live at the mercy of people with life's ultimate decision, but then choosing to build puts one in a far better position. While I'm still a dead fish in the splinterlands' hierarchy, the craze of growing quickly and fast never gets to me, because eventually, the stats will change and the figures will pile with time.

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Put me under pressure I have found myself absorbing it and delivering but if it is the pressure caused by some nonchalant attitude that should have been avoided in the first place, then I react differently which might be unpleasant.

I believe with things coordinated properly, finding ourselves under pressure can be avoided most of the time except for the ones beyond our control.

As for Splinterlands, you have made impressive growth in learning and gradually growing your stake.

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Well I haven't really done well under pressure over the years. I still cannot find the solidity to do so, but I guess I have my strong suit as well. No matter the person or circumstances, I still cannot seem to do so, even when it's uncontrollable pressure.

As for splinterlands, irrespective of my standing, I still think it's a solid investment and I don't mind building even till the next five years. I like the way I've learned over the years since 2021, it's been astonishing

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I don’t do well working under pressure or under deadlines either. But in my case I need them, because without them, I might not push myself to do any real work. I get you though when you say even though you don’t set goals, you still strive to reach higher just like people who set goals do. It’s like simply giving it your all without any defined expected results.

For example, I didn't jump on splinterlands when it was still steemmonsters, the main reason for this is that I believe I wasn't a gamer, I believed this for 3 years, but down the line, and I realized that this was a game I could invest time and a little cash and let it expand for five years or more.

I really needed to hear this. I’m interested in getting involved with splinterlands but I just can’t seem to get myself to actually start playing. I’ve been thinking about it for God knows how long, and have even logged in once to try my hand on it. I didn’t understand much of the gameplay then, but I guess that’s just how it is. You need to actually invest time and resource to learn to play and master your crafts.

You're absolutely right, I don't set goals and this is because I don't do well under pressure. I like to think I'm my own motivation, surviving, pushing, building and thriving, but you're actually right when you say that sometimes we need pressure to drive us. However, everyone functions differently and we have our strong suit as well.

You need to actually invest time and resource to learn to play and master your crafts.

I wouldn't lie to you, splinterlands involves time and effort, especially resources. I was lucky enough to have some small money during the bull market to invest, but I must tell you, I'm absolutely loving the game, it's challenged me. The most difficult thing is to make the effort to actually start playing.

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Well I think it’s fair to say the resource has been my hinderance so far, but I can’t really say that cos I haven’t really done inquiries on what the resources I need to get started are and how much I’ll need. Maybe it’s about time I started asking around and digging.

Resources has always been a big issue. I got in when the bull market was at it's peak, at least I was able to afford some things.. some playing Cards and other things

Bro nothing is granted not only in cryptocurrency space even in real life we have to try over luck results are not in over control, we should keep trying sometime it's worked sometime not

You're right, definitely, nevertheless, I do think that this knowledge is why we should choose the stability of building.

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I work most times under pressure and I think I do better.

But there is this exams start and finish time pressure which I do not really like, most especially when an exams invigilator stands beside me and keep glancing through my answer sheet 🤣 it makes me feel like coughing non stop.

But at my work place, I work very well under pressure even when my boss is glancing directly at the computer screen with all his heart 😂

I'm still trying to figure out if what I experience when I'm in the exams hall is as a result of the time pressure or exams phobia.

Well, in all circle of life, I do believe pressure can come differently. When it comes to things like exams, I do excellently well. Nevertheless, I find it really difficult to give myself a particular timeframe to achieve a feat, or unlock a particular achievement. I haven't been able to do this, because it's really not my thing, but I do well when I take my time and then work on my own designated timeframe.

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I agree with you, we are used to have quick gains and fast development on crypto, but some people forget to build things for the long-term.

I agree long-term building can be difficult, but it pays more than it actually doesn't, although we still believe that nothing is very certain.

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I personally don’t like to work under pressure because I’ll feel too overwhelm and tired. But still, I can still work under pressure depending on the matter.

Luck is needed in some aspect of life, or most. But we keep trying what we think it will give us some luck. I don't know much splinterland but it is nice that you have learn and build on it

Well, I don't just like pressure, I feel it takes away the best we can offer because you just have to give what you can at that particular period which can be exhausting. I feel as humans, the capacity to do better is there when we go at our own pace.

As for splinterlands, thanks a million.. I like it a lot.

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I just finished schedule a post about pressure and I come across this.

Pressure has done more damage to our world than good, especially to man, that is why we have a higher rate of suicide but we must not forget that pressure has helped so many people too.

I work better under pressure but break down under too much pressure I don't know the category i will put that.

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I don't even do well under pressure at all, while it has helped a lot of people, it has also marred some others, I believe everyone has their strong suit though. But most times pressure kills more than it helps.

wow, I didn't know you have a post written as such. I can imagine, I'll make sure to read it when you post it..

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It's better to learn under less pressure than to learn while there is too much pressures. For those of us who can't be cope with might be making more and more mistake when they are pushed into pressure. I am the kinda person who learn slowly but sure of what I do. So I was been shouted when I was at my tender age, especially when I do things in a slow manner. I tried doing things fast to change my lifestyle. When the elder hold my neck on things I do slowly, I begin to shilver.

Apart from learning, anything that does with pressure, tends to limit people, while some have mastered it, some people haven't and sadly wouldn't.

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I think I kind of need the pressure to make sure that I am on track. I find myself more or less procrastinating when there are no deadlines. There are a lot of things I put off but when the deadline comes up, I get right on it and I end up rushing everything else at the same time.

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