Indiaunited - Weekly Hive Delegation Report till 24-01-2024

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Namasthe, Indiaunited is a community that supports manual curation on Hive Blockchain. We manually curate posts every day from several users. People can delegate their Hive Power to the Indiaunited community and get a 100% share of the Curation rewards earned by the community account. The reward share will be based on the amount of HP delegated by an individual. The delegators will receive their curation reward share once a day.

We vote only posts that are less than 24 hours old, the curation rewards can be variable. It can differ from one day to another. It best to take an average for a week and compare. But to make things easier, we have set the APR to 10% fixed. The reward value would change only if you are updating the delegation. The rewards are distributed in the form of IUC tokens. More details are available on this post. If you have any questions, you can reach out to us on our discord.


Extra votes from delegations

Recently we also introduced a scheme for the delegators and token holders to get additional vote percentage when their post is picked for curation by the community curators. If you had delegated 2000 HP and if you were picked for curation by the curators, you would get 10% additional vote from the community account. In addition to this people who are holding 200 IUC tokens get another 10% extra vote if their post is picked for curation. The curation is still manual and this is just an additional benefit to delegators and token holders. More details about this scheme is available inside this post.

Delegators earning report

Below is the list of delegators who are currently delegating to the community and earning daily reward shares. We have prepared a consolidated report so that every delegator can see how much they are earning every week in total from their delegation and their average earning per day.

SNoDelegatorTotal HP delegatedTotal IUC Rewards (per Week)Average IUC Rewards (per Day)APRTimestamp
1@namelessnameless36965.42250.6217.23210a year ago
2@julianhorack15481.74016.9612.423104 months ago
3@bobinson11361.63312.4471.778109 months ago
4@bala4128810309.29611.2941.61310a year ago
5@iuc9141.74510.0151.43110a month ago
6@achimmertens5071.2594.1670.595106 months ago
7@nainaztengra3012.9483.3000.471102 months ago
8@dagger2122647.5912.1750.311102 years ago
9@codingdefined2163.5262.3710.33910a year ago
10@sayee2125.2021.7460.249102 years ago
11@sketch.and.jam2109.4522.3120.330102 years ago
12@karishmasingh7112069.2752.2680.32410a year ago
13@alokkumar1212061.3892.2590.32310a year ago
14@luckyali2040.1912.2360.319108 months ago
15@gungunkrishu2036.3152.7900.399107 months ago
16@bruno-kema2014.2782.2080.315103 months ago
17@bhattg2005.3122.1960.31410a month ago
18@steemflow2004.2792.7450.3921020 days ago
19@pitboy1569.2871.2900.184102 years ago
20@finguru1558.4752.1350.30510a year ago
21@rayius1546.3112.1140.302102 days ago
22@lifecruiser1298.0311.0660.15210a year ago
23@inuke1157.9411.2680.18110a year ago
24@furiousfighter1015.8731.3900.199106 months ago
25@juancar3471012.8241.1080.158105 months ago
26@cryptothesis888.3120.7290.1041024 days ago
27@shitsignals820.9081.1250.1611010 months ago
28@ykdesign724.4020.7920.113108 months ago
29@pravesh0614.8950.5040.0721010 months ago
30@tin.aung.soe606.0070.8300.119104 months ago
31@coolguy123536.6780.4410.063102 years ago
32@selfhelp4trolls530.7900.7250.104102 years ago
33@diebitch524.0640.5760.082102 years ago
34@mango-juice519.5230.5680.08110a year ago
35@scubahead512.4030.7000.1001010 months ago
36@jnmarteau512.1860.5600.080109 months ago
37@mukund123511.9890.5600.080109 months ago
38@oivas505.2050.5520.079104 months ago
39@golden.future504.7520.6900.099104 months ago
40@queenart504.2040.4140.059103 months ago
41@donjaun503.7810.5520.079103 months ago
42@semarekha503.2460.6900.099103 months ago
43@rentmoney501.9890.6870.098102 months ago
44@akdx500.6820.5480.0781017 days ago
45@certain430.2740.4720.067102 years ago
46@akkighanate2018418.3000.4600.066103 years ago
47@chenhs388.0780.4240.061108 months ago
48@hardikv370.5910.4050.058102 years ago
49@r1s2g3361.9080.3960.057103 years ago
50@irisworld316.6690.3480.050102 years ago
51@cryptokim03314.9980.2580.037102 years ago
52@suhlaing303.3880.3320.047105 months ago
53@taxguy267.1080.2920.042102 years ago
54@maxili63264.1630.2880.041102 years ago
55@chetanpadliya263.9020.2880.041102 years ago
56@monica-ene257.6590.2840.04110a year ago
57@iamraincrystal255.7430.2100.030109 months ago
58@joetunex255.1400.2800.040108 months ago
59@iamcjestrada253.1790.2070.030105 months ago
60@temibot252.5800.2760.039104 months ago
61@frames216.5420.2950.042102 years ago
62@preets212.9730.1740.025102 years ago
63@lannabeiker210.8380.2320.033102 years ago
64@splash-of-angs63210.7720.2900.04110a month ago
65@vikbuddy209.6620.1710.024102 years ago
66@vickoly206.3970.2850.04110a year ago
67@sam9999204.1950.1680.024108 months ago
68@th4488201.8250.2750.039104 months ago
69@reeta0119201.0890.2750.039102 months ago
70@affliction168.0550.1840.026102 years ago
71@blog-beginner166.2630.1840.02610a year ago
72@ydaiznfts155.2410.1720.02510a year ago
73@abu78153.7440.1260.0181010 months ago
74@anandkj611153.2350.1680.024109 months ago
75@ayushthedreamer152.8390.1680.024107 months ago
76@erodedthoughts152.5700.1680.024107 months ago
77@quduus1151.4820.1230.018104 months ago
78@aniketmore1925151.2190.1640.023103 months ago
79@nitin21142.0340.1950.02810a month ago
80@stevieboyes140.0540.2050.029105 days ago
81@hungryharish117.6710.0960.014104 years ago
82@tussar11113.2470.1550.02210a year ago
83@anujadhao113.1840.1240.018108 months ago
84@guurry123112.3020.1550.022104 years ago
85@zyx066111.8460.1240.01810a year ago
86@mintymile111.8460.1240.018103 years ago
87@careassaktart111.8460.1240.018103 years ago
88@hatoto110.3550.0900.013103 years ago
89@kilvnrex110.2140.1200.017104 months ago
90@idea-make-rich109.8020.0900.013103 years ago
91@harpreetjanda109.5510.0900.013103 years ago
92@jznsamuel108.8460.1200.017103 years ago
93@nurseanne84107.0660.1160.017102 years ago
94@imfarhad106.8680.0870.012102 years ago
95@winelay106.7590.0870.012102 years ago
96@beyondhorizonmm106.6560.1160.017102 years ago
97@lavista106.4620.0870.012102 years ago
98@mawit07106.4440.1160.017102 years ago
99@shonyishere106.4410.1160.017102 years ago
100@abmakko106.2730.0870.012102 years ago
101@shrazi106.0770.1160.017102 years ago
102@deimage106.0630.0870.012102 years ago
103@elizacheng105.8840.1160.017102 years ago
104@b0s105.6680.1160.017102 years ago
105@dikshabihani105.4180.1160.017102 years ago
106@mk992039105.3530.0870.01210a year ago
107@intishar105.2760.1160.01710a year ago
108@nkemakonam89104.7630.1160.017102 years ago
109@burlarj104.7540.1160.01710a year ago
110@herrym104.6180.0870.012102 years ago
111@fasacity104.5840.1160.017102 years ago
112@ksam104.3840.1160.01710a year ago
113@justfavour104.3150.1160.01710a year ago
114@offia66104.2620.1160.01710a year ago
115@ukcrypton104.2440.1450.02110a year ago
116@moremoney28104.1410.1160.01710a year ago
117@graciousvic104.1390.1450.02110a year ago
118@okluvmee104.1200.1160.01710a year ago
119@waliphoto104.0330.0840.01210a year ago
120@vikar104.0170.1400.02010a year ago
121@hjrrodriguez103.9160.0840.01210a year ago
122@khaleesii103.8610.1120.01610a year ago
123@catharsis103.8290.1120.01610a year ago
124@cryptictruth103.7910.0840.01210a year ago
125@theindiankid103.7250.1400.02010a year ago
126@rahimanavy103.6720.1400.02010a year ago
127@soltecno103.6230.0840.01210a year ago
128@otuyanancy103.3910.0840.01210a year ago
129@merit.ahama103.3910.1120.01610a year ago
130@depressedfuckup103.2560.0840.01210a year ago
131@sujitsawant103.2010.1120.01610a year ago
132@dbooster103.1660.0840.01210a year ago
133@libertycrypto27103.0670.0840.01210a year ago
134@harhess102.9420.1120.016109 months ago
135@yahuzah102.8620.1120.01610a year ago
136@jane1289102.7170.1120.01610a year ago
137@rubilu102.7120.0840.01210a year ago
138@nhaji01102.7060.1400.02010a year ago
139@elamaria102.6820.1120.01610a year ago
140@desiredlady102.6470.0840.01210a year ago
141@glorydee102.6100.1400.0201010 months ago
142@stea90102.5560.1400.0201010 months ago
143@treasuree102.5370.1400.0201010 months ago
144@ispeak102.4650.1120.0161010 months ago
145@hive-world102.3580.0840.012109 months ago
146@itwithsm102.1030.1120.016104 months ago
147@shawnnft102.0600.1400.020108 months ago
148@oadissin102.0240.1120.016108 months ago
149@lhes101.8750.0840.012107 months ago
150@cindee08101.7790.1120.016107 months ago
151@evagavilan2101.7110.1120.016107 months ago
152@aslamrer101.6940.1400.020107 months ago
153@eunice9200101.6300.1120.016106 months ago
154@sodom-lv101.5890.1120.016106 months ago
155@wallay101.4740.0840.012106 months ago
156@solumviz101.4460.1400.020106 months ago
157@vinamra101.4400.0840.012106 months ago
158@nishabariya101.4040.1400.020102 months ago
159@pinkchic101.3970.0840.012105 months ago
160@mell79101.2090.1120.016105 months ago
161@adaezeinchrist101.1780.0840.012105 months ago
162@be-alysha101.1540.1120.016105 months ago
163@adrianleonardi101.1390.0840.012104 months ago
164@poplar-22101.1350.0840.012105 months ago
165@arveno101.1350.1400.020105 months ago
166@princessbusayo101.0570.0840.012104 months ago
167@sperosamuel15101.04000105 days ago
168@tahastories1101.0230.1120.01610a month ago
169@emreal101.0070.1120.016104 months ago
170@dimascastillo90100.8170.1120.016103 months ago
171@zyzymena100.6810.1120.016103 months ago
172@hivedeb100.6790.0840.012103 months ago
173@hindavi100.6790.0840.012103 months ago
174@les90100.5100.0840.01210a month ago
175@ahmedhayat100.4790.1120.016102 months ago
176@arsh11100.3640.1350.01910a month ago
177@duja100.3400.1080.01510a month ago
178@emrysjobber100.3200.1080.01510a month ago
179@dewabrata100.3060.0810.01210a month ago
180@mysteriousroad100.2920.1080.01510a month ago
181@anttn100.1550.1080.0151019 days ago
182@anif1908100.1380.1080.0151017 days ago
183@ayamihaya100.1340.1080.0151017 days ago
184@eii100.1330.1080.0151017 days ago
185@mcookies100.1190.1350.0191015 days ago
186@eniolw100.0970.0540.0081012 days ago
187@faiz1971100.0780.0540.0081010 days ago
188@nwothini335100.04400105 days ago
189@mdaminulislam100.03700105 days ago
190@melinda010100100.02400103 days ago
191@asterkame100.0010.1450.021102 hours ago
192@hironakamura68.2280.0570.00810a year ago
193@ernesto640260.4020.0680.010102 months ago
194@vandanabhatt59.3230.0800.011102 years ago
195@r-nyn52.0870.0420.00610a year ago
196@attentionneeded52.0600.0700.01010a year ago
197@khingstan51.3570.0560.00810a year ago
198@bitandi50.4060.0560.008103 months ago
199@ranjith9850.01900105 days ago
200@chenhb196831.4630.0360.005102 years ago
201@valerianis31.4350.0450.006102 years ago
202@rockeey30.0480.0240.0031020 days ago
203@sabari1823.53200105 years ago
204@gamerzaza20.6910010a year ago
205@solidarity20.500001010 months ago
206@namok20.22300104 months ago
207@kalibudz2320.036001023 days ago
208@moviekeeda10.65500102 years ago
209@bilpcoinbpc10.63000102 years ago
210@deathstarer710.48000102 years ago
211@ninamarcano10.0400010a month ago
212@gargi5.88300105 years ago
213@silenteyes3.53000106 years ago
214@idksamad786993.02300103 months ago
215@lnada1.83600108 months ago
216@thepromisedland1.0470010a year ago
217@sdesaivres1.02100108 months ago

We have the above list of members delegating to our @indiaunited community. If you don't want yourself to be tagged in any of the future posts, please let us know in the comments or reach out to us in discord and let us know.

Note: The above list will have variations in the data if you have updated your delegation in the last 7 days. Even though the post mentions 10% fixed APR there can be a light variation based on the market conditions of Hive and IUC tokens.

This post is an automated post. If you find any discrepancies or have any questions please reach out to us on the discord server and let us know.



Greetings, thank you for your work, I hope you have a great day.

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