How To Stake Your HBD In bHBD-CUB Farm - 101.39% APR

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If you don't know already, LeoFinance team has recently launched some really cool HBD & HIVE vaults for the Hive Community on Cub Finance. It's a DeFi platform on Binance Smart Chain. In this blog, I am going to show all the steps you can follow to invest in bHBD-CUB farm. You can follow the same steps to try out other vaults in Farms or Kingdoms as well.

Before we start, there is a prerequisite step that you cannot skip. Install Metamask, Setup BSC (Binance Smart Chain) network, and fill it with BNB. Metamask is required to login into Cub Finance and BNB Token will help you pay the fees on the network. Once you are done with these settings, please follow the next steps to invest your HIVE or HBD into the newly launched CUB V2 Farms.

STEP 1: Send HIVE, LEO or HBD to BSC via Multi Token Bridge

You can access the MTB here: This will allow you to wrap your LEO, HBD or HIVE and create an equivalent amount of tokens - bLEO, bHBD or bHIVE which can be used on BSC.


STEP 2: Exchange Using Pancakeswap

Go to Pancakeswap to Swap 50% of bLEO to bHIVE/bHBD and rest 50% to CUB. You can directly get bHIVE/bHBD by following the above step and then swap 50% with CUB. It's up to you! Use the below contract addresses to search them:

  • bHBD - 0x874966221020d6ac1aed0e2cfad9cbfee0ba713b
  • bHIVE - 0x9faf07d1fbc130d698e227e50d1fb72657c0a342
  • bLEO - 0x6421531af54c7b14ea805719035ebf1e3661c44a
  • CUB - 0x50d809c74e0b8e49e7b4c65bb3109abe3ff4c1c1


After searching them for the first time, you can add them to your list of tokens so that next time you can easily search them with their name. Now do the required swap and get an equivalent of bHive/bHBD and CUB to create LP tokens.


You will have to approve bLEO and bHBD if you are doing it for the first time. Please make sure you check the price and slippage before doing the final swap.

STEP 3: Add Liquidity Using Pancakeswap

Visit Pancakeswap's Liquidity Tab and click on "Add Liquidity" to form your LP tokens bHBD-CUB or bHIVE-CUB. Select the tokens of your choice and their quantity. Then hit "Supply", confirm all the details and then hit "Confirm Supply"



You can visit the Pancakeswap's Liquidity Tab once again to check your LP Tokens as shown below.


STEP 4: Stake bHBD-CUB LP On Cub Finance

Visit Cub Finance's Farms to access the new V2 vaults where you will find bHBD-CUB, bHIVE-CUB and bHBD-BUSD farms as shown below:


Since we have bHBD-CUB LP with me, select that and click on the "Enable Farm" button as shown below:


Once enabled, "Enable" button will be replaced by "Stake LP" button. Click on that to enter the amount of LP tokens you want to stake. Hit confirm and enjoy your CUB rewards. 🦁 101.39% APR right now. It's not fixed and will change as more people join in.





Discord: finguru#4062

Not financial advice. For infotainment purposes only.

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Question: cam I use the brave wallet?
I use it sometimes to take my bnb to hive engine

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No. Brave Wallet doesn't work on Cub Finance.

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Okay i will have to set the meta up and smash some keyboards along the way lol

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Haha. Cool. All the best bud. 🔥

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Why is this a good investment again? Getting 100% APR on a worthless token is...let me do the maths....oh yeah...worthless.

Buy some CUB and pump it bro xD

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That Apr is insane!

But i always become other people passive income and had some issues or bad relation with impermanent loses.

Then invest only on stablecoin pools like bHBD-BUSD. No impermanent loss. 🤘

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Yea that's safe and thinking for it!

Thanks bro!

Is that legit? 100%?
If so I wouldn’t trust it.

Why you think one shouldn't trust or it's not legit? Will you please highlight more.

Simply a 100% APR is impossible to maintain. Most of the time those types of projects fail. I don’t know enough on this to make any such specific claim but it’s impossible to keep a rate like this for a extended period of time even if legit project with good intentions. Somebody ends up holding the bag. I’d also bet regulators will be here soon and make headaches. This level rate is just not sustainable. It’s just math.

Just wanna be clear in no way am I claiming it’s a scam. Just stating no project paying over 100% ends well generally and longterm literally.

I’ve been saying this a while myself, I think many just see the huge returns “promised” or “suggested” and aren’t listening. I only have love for this community and wanna warn but it seems like many just don’t wanna hear it. Undoubtedly over time I think although we don’t agree 💯 our basic take will play out.

After reading some content by @taskmaster4450 I can see a way I might be wrong actually. I’m changing my status to undecided on HBD.

Even if factually right who cares. In this world things can work far longer then they are believed they can. I’m not on same page that it can’t end well. I might even stake some actually.

Excellent, I love this, I understand why the HIVE price pump if 102% can call hundreds to come to cub farming.

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I hope the APR stays like this for a while. xD Higher the risk, higher the reward.

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Do you really expect it? To last I mean?
Gotta be honest this has red flags all over it for me. I was on Steemit way back but lost touch and keys in 20218. Im new here so not trying to insult this project. I just know 100% APR is impossible long term without destroying the product or it being a scam which doesn’t look to be so. 100% APR and people are trusting it will end well? I’d be carful

-The Fed

Great guide, my friend

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Thanks fren. Y u no post more? How do I upvote you ;-;

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busy making sure Threads is ready for release on Thursday :D

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Oooooooooo xD Be busy then and make it happen for us, please? xD

Hehe of course🤫

Another opportunity in cub finance, as a Leo finance member, is what we should be taking advantage of.

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100% bro. I agree that it's risky but the upside potential is worth risking for.

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It is worth the risk

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Yay! 🤗
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How much BNB gas will apply on this complete process after wrapping tokens to BSC contracts?

I mostly use Polygon chain, which is quite cheap. But, I heard BSC chain is very costly.


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Worth 3 cents right now.

Polygon is definitely cheaper. 🦁

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Thanks for this nice tool and information.

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There is $122K of liquidity in the CUB:BUSD, receiving 48% APR that would be better off in this pool.

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Because it has more liquidity??

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Naa sorry.

I mean that money should be moved into the bHBD:CUB pool because it has the same risk of impermanent loss, but pays a much higher APR.

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Ah. No problem Dane. I thought I was missing something. 😂

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Thanks for sharing this information to us all, it was helpful

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You are most welcome mate. Cheers!

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Enjoy your day bro

What does the slippage tolerance mean.
Mine is showing 1% slippage.
Can I proceed with that

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I will write a blog on Slippage Tolerance. Thanks for the idea Monica.

Read this for an easy explanation:

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Thank you for being more detailed but please I can use Trust Wallet instead?

Yes you can but a bit tecnhical... Am using trust wallet 😂

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Great Tutorial!!


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Thanks a lot ❤️🔥



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Added to bookmark. Thanks, it was a detailed tutorial and simple to follow. Jumped here from @monica-ene post. !PIZZA

Thanks a lot bro. Glad you liked it!