How to Know You're Been Dealt A Bad Deal

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Life is a matter of perspectives. What one person considers a blessing another might feel ripped off depending on some certain circumstances. The biggest contributor to such perspectives is of course the amount of exposure (knowledge, wealth and information) that is available to the expectant at that particular time.

Some even realize that they aren't getting the best of deals as far certain things go, but proceed with them because they either feel they have no choice, or there are no better alternatives. For some people it is simply a lack of willpower to seek out a better deal for themselves and act in a manner that gets the best out of it.

Me First

The first realization that we must come to accept is that everyone fights for their own interest, and some people do not necessarily play fair. That simple realization will go a long way in getting us better deals as we seek to protect our own self interest rather than play to the interest of others.

Dealing has been present since the onset of civilization. Part of the negotiation process involves trying to get the most of your side. Trade by barter, war negotiations and things such as marriages in the day were used as tools for negotiations.

A bad deal is considered as a scenario where the recipient has been cheated. It may feel like a perfectly honest transaction where the recipient is none the wiser. Some really unfortunate scenarios has the recipient thankful and feeling lucky without knowing what might have been missed.

Entitled in Ignorance

The turn of the millennia has raised awareness about individual rights so we are more knowledgeable about when dealt insufficient cards. Unfortunately, some of that knowledge is a bit misplaced such as what we see in the never ending narrative that capitalism is evil, and vice versa for socialism. In that case we know we're not getting the fairest of deals, but have insufficient knowledge to make conclusions on what the best deal for us is going forward.

Knowledge and information are the only ways to handle a bad deal situation. When you know, then you can seek out alternatives. The other option is to keep remaining in ignorance which a sizeable number of people in society do.

In business, many large corporations profit off millions of their users without offering much in return. Some of those platforms actually become toxic to use and is a net negative in the users life.

It is in part seeking better deals that led to the birth of crypto, and that is why the platform has continued to thrive as people realize traditional companies have been ripping them off. On their part, the competition is making some traditional companies step up but if may Just be too late.


Crypto is here to stay as far as deals go. People can see for themselves what serves them better and will act accordingly. A place like Hive not only offers a better deal compared to its rivals but actually helps you get information about the possible deals out there. Choose wisely

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