Gratitude Sundays: We May not Afford the Luxuries, But...

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There is so much emphasis placed on making money these days that I think it is important that we consider ask and remind ourselves why. Money should always be considered as a means to an end and never the end in itself. Those who make money for the sake of it are morally bankrupt.

It is also worth noting that we are in the greatest era of wealth the World has ever seen. The average person today perhaps has more comfort at his disposal than the kings of old. A lot of the things we take for granted today such as water, medicine, shelter, food, clothing and security were not guaranteed and had to be fought for back in the days.

Unfortunately we live in a society that constantly leaves us uncontented and wanting more. We want the latest goods and services even when we don't need them, and are envious of those who can afford them for no good reason. Modern capitalist demands has meant a ton of products shoved into our faces and trying to get our attention daily. It leaves us distracted and thinking about what money could buy.

It becomes a serious issue when people are lured into crime as a result. A lot of the criminal activities that go on isn't from a desperation to survive, but rather greed caused by the attraction of some of the luxuries that society has on offer. The thing with greed is that it never ends, and operates like a vicious cycle.

The average person who works a honest days job has the basics covered for the most part. What is left is often luxuries and pleasantries that their current status can afford them. Depending on income, that can range from really significant to barely affordable.

It is important to note that luxuries are entirely determined by the individual. We therefore have the option of choosing our own lifestyle luxuries and living a life of satisfaction. Going on a trip in a private Jet can be luxurious for some, while even flying economy is luxurious for others. We are all built differently, and should never envy anyone.


If you can afford the basics and a few luxuries per time, then you are already an incredibly blessed individual. I find having a gratitude mindset helps keep us happy, contented and see material things for what they are. That's not to say we shouldn't strive to be better or make more, but we must be conscious of the fact that we are already blessed.

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Life is definitely not expensive but lifestyle is. Most people always want to live a life that is very hard for them to maintain and it drains a lot from them, always trying to impress the eyes of people why deep down that life you're trying to live is seriously drying your pocket.
One finds peace when one is contented with what he/she can afford, without looking out to impress or out do another because it will lead you to wrong ways of getting money.

Nice post, cheers mate.

Excellent insight. I find contentment to be quite refreshing