Finance: The Impatient

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I came across a statement in Taskmasters article here how Hive (nay crypto) has, and can change the fortunes of people in Five years. The premise is that you'd be in a much better financial position with five years of consistency with Hive (nay crypto) irrespective of where we are located and the unique socio-economic factors we identify with.

If the previous Five years are a measure of the statement, then it certainly holds true for the cryptoverse. Using Hive as the primary example, people have successfully become millionaires from scratch with nothing but just consistency, dedication, a fair bit of obsession, and effort. Not one single person who has met the consistency and dedication criteria on Hive can claim different.

We will probably never know the number of rents that Hive has paid, or the lives it has saved through emergency fundraising, or the means of livelihood it provides for the economically disadvantaged, or the pathway it has created for people to become rich through crypto. One thing is for sure though, and that is Hive is changing fortunes constantly.

Yet some will pass up this opportunity without thinking. During the early days, I had about a handful of friends join Hive but none kept at it for more than one month. Even I was absent for prolonged periods because I was blinded to the true potential of Hive, and only focused on my immediate needs.

The thing with ceding to immediate demands is that they may sometimes blind us to future gains that could be derived. Everything can feel like an emergency when in actual fact it isn't. Another thing we quickly learn is that there is no way to permanently solve all our finance issues.

So while we can't solve the final issues completely, what we can do is expand our capacity in such a way that we are able to take on greater financial burdens with relative ease. The really rich can take on a burden that would crush tons of poor people and be unfazed. That is the kind of financial target we should perhaps all set for ourselves.

Even when we are informed of what the future holds, many get too impatient, too fast. Many simply don't have the resolve to hold on for so long, especially when there is a need for urgency in their personal lives. That need will never cease though, but impatient moves to make money quickly leads to regret.


Another thing to consider is options on the table. What would you rather be doing financially in the next five years when you have something that can set you up for life Time flies so fast that it'll be five years before we know it. The best time to build remains now.

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