Death is Part of Evolution

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In this space you can never say never on any token, but it seems like Luna is all but done at this point - the fundamentals for a rebound just don't seem to be there and the situation does feel quite hopeless. As it continues to hit the community hard, it struck me that we should not be so surprised about such an occurrence as there are likely more to come in the future.

You see many have talked about it before, few just didn't prepare for a major player to be cut so early. There are a lot of tokens in the crypto space, and not all of them are value creators, or should exist in the first place. Some cryptos are clear ponzi schemes that would die a natural death once a few people have gamed the system.

There are some others that while not clear cut ponzis, have no inherent value or the value remains unclear. It is not my purview to determine which tokens survive and which don't at the end of the day, but we must accept that there are some clear indicators for determining a coins viability and future potential which are ignored at our own risk largely due to greed or sentiments.

BTC for instance has clear value largely due to its security. One can never go wrong with BTC as far as the space is concerned, but the same cannot be said for a lot of altcoins. Luckily though there are some altcoins that have recognized the need for some form of value proposition and we have seen quite a number of tokens with applications in social media, content creation, gaming, banking and the likes.

We are still in our infancy stages here, and the space continues to develop into something more mature and far more acceptable to the mainstream. For that to continue though, and for us to achieve some form of long term stability, there has to be a general 'cleansing' of what is relevant and what is not. Like I said we anticipated coins dying, or at the very least I did.

One can never predict how things will turn out 100 percent though even with the right fundamentals and all. We can have everything and still fail, and sometimes there is just no predicting eventual outcomes. But like I stated earlier, there are generally acceptable patterns to a tokens fate that we need to take note of.


Hive is generally in a good place for me fundamentally. I think we are one of the tokens that evolve from this space stronger and I hope am right. All the right things are being put in place, and the space continues to see applications across a diverse range of sectors. This and an uncanny ability to create real value providing jobs in the future will set Hive apart.


We probably will have similar experiences like this in the future and the first is usually the hardest to swallow. That said, our experiences will only make us stronger and out the entire space in a better position medium term.

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This is something I bring up a lot.
It is surprisingly relevant.
Especially in a culture where everyone wants to be immortal.

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We'll see more in the future so getting this out of the way early was sort of necessary in my opinion

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