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00:00 Hey babes welcome back! xoxo
01:25 #starbucks to launch #nfts loyalty programme with #polygon
04:00 The entire crypto market
04:25 #btc daily
05:25 The Bitcoin halving countdown
06:10 US dollar falls ahead of next inflation data report
06:30 US dollar currency index chart, daily #dxy
11:00 #planetix is free to play & play to earn! - PARTNER
13:00 Nancy Pelosi is open to stock trading ban
14:30 Warren Buffett's Nubank now offers crypto trading
16:05 #microstrategy to sell $500mil shares to buy more $BTC
18:25 Huge #syscoin updates PARTNER

19:20 Wonderfi to acquire blockchain foundry
20:00 Vitalik Buterin says #ukraine could be next #web3 hub
22:00 #eth daily, 12h, 6h, 4h & 45m
23:30 #ftx CEO warns of potential rough transition for ETH merge
24:30 #matic daily, 12h, 4h & 45m
25:40 64% of staked $ETH held by 5 entities
28:30 Whitehouse report places the spotlight on #cardano
29:25 #ada daily, 12h, 6, 4h, & 45m
30:30 Burn $ADA with the Bitcoin payment app
32:30 #huobi to delists privacy tokens including #monero
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