LPUD Winning Delegations Are A Thrill Ride

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First I'm thrilled that I won an LPUD delegation and I want to thank @investing-dude for launching me into the curate-a-shere, and then congratulate all of the other winners and delegators.

2k from @scaredycatguide & @whatsup to @idiosyncratic1
3k from @steemstreems & leogrowth to @tokenizedsociety
3k from @lbi-token to @libertycrypto27
5k from @bitcoinflood to @jfang003
5k from @anomadsoul to @evernoticethat
5k from @leomarkettalk & @taskmaster4450 to @rentmoney
5k from @edicted to @hoosie
10k from @investing-dude to @cflclosers

I am a born curator and I like to do it in calculated ways to help people that really need it. Those who post and try. Doesn't matter if the content isn't great it just matters that they want to be a lion and they stick with it.

I'm always had a meaningful vote since I made it to my own 5000 Leo Power but this LPUD delegation has given me Leo Power of 15,000! My votes are worth at least .6 of a leo.

Three for you and three for me. How cool is that? My method is to curate at ten 100% votes per day and not let my LP fall below 80%. So it seems that I personally will earn 3 hive a day will be doling out just as much.

It's honestly a thrill and I want to make the most of it because when the thrill is gone, I'll be singing the blues.

See you on my feed!

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Congrats on being one of the other winners, and I'm grateful to my sponsor @anomadsoul for giving a Lion Cub a nice boost for the upcoming weeks.

What I'm most excited about is how this will supercharge my curating, even more so with those new to LeoFinance and those well-written but upvote-lonely posts that deserve some support.

I'd made it to just over 1K LEO early this year before financial disaster struck and I had to make difficult choices to survive and help my ill relative. But now we're turning the corner and have started the rebuilding process.

With LEO being so affordable right now, I can see me hitting my near-term goal ok 1K LEO, and maybe even 5K some time next year. When I won, I said: "So this is what 5000 LEO power feels like?

And that's what #lpud does. It opens up the possibilities in curating great content creators, and far from feeling the blues when this delegation ends, I've a feeling that you'll join me in wanting to reach those heights all on our own. Congrats! :)

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Thanks and I also got a delegation this month. I have to make sure I don't let my VP become full and make the most of this opportunity.

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Many thanks - I was shocked and delighted to win one of the delegations, it makes a huge difference. I was happy just joining LPUD just because it helps me to increase my LEO Power, but this is awesome !

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Yay, congrats enjoy your huge delegation!

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Congrats.. I guess you win twice in a row then.

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Congratulations! You have a great strategy for curating. I think it is something everyone must do to support those who are really trying.

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