Five Year Anniversary On Hive

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I just noticed on Hive Buzz that my 5th Anniversary on the blockchain just passed.

Keep in mind this started on steem which I no longer use but 5 years is quite a milestone. It still surprises me how little I have left based on what I earned as an author during 5 years but I assure you, all my hive was spent on hive related things. Leo,Splinterlands,Risingstar,Polycub and Cub to mention a few.

Hive Buzz tells me that I have earned over 7,000 hive with nearly 2300 posts. There were some better than others and a good chunck of the posts were using Actifit so my earnings should reflect that.

Based on the ups and downs over the last 5 years one lesson has stuck with. Hive is the goal here and my focus should be on increasing that.

I've managed to increase my curation efficiency to around 8% to 9% with manual curation. I spent more than 4 years doing this completely wrong.

My posting is less, but my interactions is more. I'm finding other ways to earn hive through dapps and I hope that continues grow. There are always new and exciting ways to earn revealing themselves. Right now I'm in a little Rising Star grove.

Can't wait to hit year 6. I need to get back to 5,000 Hive and then on to 10,000. 10,000 is my goal.

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This shows how it is important to be consistent keep grinding, congratulations it is half a decade already

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Congrats on the anniversary and keep up the good work progressing.

Great milestone, congrats!

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Happy Hive Birthday @cflclosers

Congratulations dear @cflclosers
I'm new to the system but with what I've seen I'm motivated. I plead with you to please share tips from time to time on how you achieved all these on hive. Newbies like me will be grateful to you. Thank you.