TheFartyMark with his twink BuildaShit: A selfvoter on his own shit posts AND shit comments, leeching the reward pool with hundreds of HIVE and HBD every day (curation rewards), who downvotes others doing the same. You're a hypocritical POS... Go fuck yourself DA!🤣

Man I’m living rent free in that pea brain of yours. A day doesn’t go by you don’t fantasize about me. Weird fetish but if it works for you…

Go fuck yourself u dumb moron.


Remember the golden days?


Since then, you have done a good job 10x your daily volume, but you lost 33% of your value.


I see your Hivepower going down by over 25%... You broke buddy?

yeah totally, I'm homeless now I can't even afford a cheeseburger.

so sorry to hear that buddy... no, actually not 🤣

Man, read the post. All tokens generated here are burned. I'm sorry that they are not distributed and benefit someone. But in principle it benefits all of us because it avoids the inflation of HIVE and HBD.
In other words, this account, as I believe there are others, helps the emission to be greater than the consumption, slowing down the parity of supply and demand. Thus avoiding an abrupt change in the value of the HIVE-USD and HBD-USD pairs.
Now, as whales they do not have to ask our permission. They do whatever they deem best for the ecosystem, even if it seems contrary to the general policy of the blockchain.

Ever heard of curation rewards?

Oh he knows, he's just really salty and dumped all his Hive for Blurt and has regrets as Blurt is falling part.

Blurt is the future of decentralized finance 🤫😂

$20 at a time...



I can't wait for @networkallstar to try to sell his millions of Blurt.

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Ah, ok