burn comment. 😊

That's not how it works.

I'm just teasing you.. 🤣 I find it amusing that you commented your own work. 😅😅

I think you are missing the point entirely.

True. 😅 I need more years to learn about the do's and don't here in Hive. Pardon my naughty comment. 😊 I hope you will not get angry. 😊

He isn't missing the point. You are a self voting POS, leeching the reward pool and at the same time downvoting others who upvote their own posts. You are a hypocritical POS. 😉

Those “self votes” are burned, I don’t get a cent.

You get curation rewards on your own shit post and comments u dumb MF.

I know this is difficult to understand for you but I get the same curation rewards regardless of what I vote on. I get no more voting on my own posts as I do any other and these post earn no author rewards

He's a reward pool leecher...