How To Use LeoThreads Effectivly

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How To Use LeoThreads Effectivly

With LeoThreads now out in the mix and constant posts about it which is a great thing It's now time to look at some methods on how to effectivly use LeoThreads and get the most out of it.

Depending on your own goals might depend on how you interact with LeoThreads but in this post I'm going to go over all options from obtaining followers, getting more exposure on your Hive blog posts and in general just building a powerful base later to work off of with this brand new feature.

How To Access LeoThreads

You can go directly to it via this link or if you go to and click on Threads in the top menu.

Some Important Notes

Unlike blogging on LeoFinance which should be in some way finance related #LEOThreads is open for anyone and everyone! This is what makes this new front end so powerful and why the product after this beta test is going to blow the internet away. Share pictures, share your #splinterlands battles, share other gaming, articles, blog posts you write and more!


Let's be honest if someone comments on your post you're much more likely to grab their attention. Leave a good quality comment and not something generic and spam looking and you'll start to garner some serious attraction sparking new questions, debates and overall more attention your way which will result in quality followers, potential upvotes and more!

We here at LEO greatly encourage quality engagement through upvotes, follows and just general engagement in return which has build a quality and sound baseline for the launch of LeoThreads.

Quality comments are one of the easiest and most powerful ways to start achieving those goals.

Blog Posts

Writing quality blog posts on hive? Be sure to share them on LeoThreads and gain a little extra exposure for your articles. This could result in more upvotes, followers and people commenting on your long for content as well.


A thread inside of a thread. With only 240 characters to use creating a megathread is often popular. This is where you comment on your own thread and build a larger talking point. We often see this with twitter and is a great option for LeoFinance. Some things could be Top 5 trading tips, a day in the life, sharing your recent music tracks or your top 10 list.

Share News

News from other places is often talked about and sharing it with others can now be done quickly. For example when news broke out I often slaved away at writing a long 500+ word article with research information, images and more. Now I can simply reference a new topic and talk to others about it which very well could lead into a quality article I write later in the day about it. This also gives me other peoples perspectives on matters.


I know I for one enjoy sharing my daily winnings from #Splinterlands and now others can share theirs and do a comparison. You can also share information about other games you enjoy in the crypto space or non crypto space. Gaming communities are huge and a wealth of skill and information is shared through social.

In Closing

Overall we are starting to witness a shift on the Hive blockchain. Where once only articles got upvotes to now pictures, short form content, videos, streaming and more. The entire ecosystem of hive is growing and developing into one of the best new social media platforms. Giving content creators and every day people a way to share, engage and earn from the content they push to the world.

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I haven't tried leofinance thread, but surely I will. I thought it's just used for anything related to crypto and business. Thanks for elaborating the use of leo thread. And by the way, I like how you spell effectively into effectivly. In our language (Indonesian) it's efektif ☺️

Welcome! It's just like twitter so easy to use and fast. Jump on in when you have a few.

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Great pointers! It's so cool to see how web 3.0 keeps growing and developing new environments to become its own thing without having to lean on web 2.0

I'll make sure to check it out!

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Leo Threads brings HIVE to micro blogging and that in my opinion is a good thing. Basically, the HIVE blockchain becomes more and more complete. In this way you can find detailed information, but with "threads" quick information is also added.

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I really love the idea of Megathreads. You can break down a topic into bite-sized information and present it.

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This is definitely a very good idea and having more Means of making an information get across is definitely another step forward in the community

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The game changer is you can share any story and it have to be about crypto, Nice way to interact effectively with threads.

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If I got your points clearly, does it mean I can share a blog not related to finance here?

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I click the thread button it don't go no where what up with this

Loving the new threads! I was doubting wether or not to self promote my posts in there 😁
Guess I will start making a thread for my posts like you recommended

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Wouldn't be any different than posting your post on twitter. More sharing the better!

Great Post!


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This is a huge change in the ecosystem, where Leo will be awarded for short form content and memes, pictures and topics not finance..

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Can confirm, LeoThreads is a good way to open up the community to the entire world. The financial space is so niche compared to things like gaming that this will be a boon for engagement overall, as well as getting more eyes on the platform (and Cub DeFi and POLYCUB)!

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