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Its been a while and I did not check my user dashboard created by the Inleo team and also did not get the time to cheque out the daily reward and what percentage I am getting. I think most of us are aware that if we delegate HP to Leo.voter then we can earn Leo tokens reward daily. There are two options that we can choose to receive the reward. First, we can choose to go with a liquid reward which means every day we will be getting liquid leo tokens according to the delegation we have made to the Leo account. There is another option that is much better because if we go with Leo reward in a staked form then we will be getting the daily reward as well but the percentage of APR is going to be higher. These days the price for Leo token is good in the market and I anticipate that it is going to be even more since the team is building an infrastructure for decentralised exchange which will enable us to use Leo for swapping with layer 1 coins which was not available before.



This is a user dashboard where you can see that my current APR is 16% and I have delegated 10K HP to leo.voter and this pays me out staked leo reward. Because I have opted for staked rewards hence my APR is 4$ more and it is visible on the page. As I have only mentioned there are two options to choose from and these are liquid and staked. Going with the stake reward is a good option because it adds up to 4% of extra APR I think is a good option to go for and we should not be missing out. With the current APR, I can earn 446 Leo in a month which is like 14 Leo in a day and as per the current market price, its value is 1.39 dollars.


There is also a benefit for premium subscribers because 1% is extra APR that is reserved only for the premium subscribers and this is why I believe that going for a premium subscription is worth it since we are getting many other benefits along with increased APR for hp delegation. This reward is paid out every day and when there is a miss on the reward distribution then for the next few days you will be getting a higher amount of Leo reward to compensate for the gap and this is how the system is designed. It means in any case you are not going to lose the reward even if there gap of a few days between the distribution and I think this is a fair reward distribution system.

Leo is a valuable token and keeping the tokens in leo power also generated a curation reward. We can curate by ourselves or we can delegate these tokens to any curation project that will also send us a reward for the delegation. I'm not sure what percentage of reward is shared as part of the curation because I don't think there is any tool available that can help us check but I believe they should be somewhere around 7 to 8% but again I am not sure so cannot quote myself in this statement.


L P U D is just one week away and it is a fantastic event that I have been participating in since the beginning. I am pretty much close to making a 25K Leo power and after this month's LPUD event, I should be able to cross it. I have been working to accumulate this much balance and achieve this milestone and I am happy that I am going to make it soon which will be done in just a week. I also expect that participation in this event should increase which is happening in a way and there are so many reward distributions happening every month for some lucky participants. Lpud is an event that we can follow to add more value to our Leo wallet which is going to be more valuable in the long term. I confirm my participation in the upcoming event it will be organised on the 15th of May and I will try to power up as much as possible.

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alok bhai ap ne aj leo tokan ke bare me boht hi achi jankari di he .or muje lagta he leo takn boht hi acha tokan he .or apne iske bare me boht hi achi post bhi likhi he .

Thanks Bhai

It's always a good thing to have an investment mindset. Your strategy is good, inleo team is pushing adoption to this token and it will also be very beneficial.

not bad i feel if u get it staked like that it should count for the power up day as well

Wow then I should really gather some HP and Start my delegation process quick 🔥🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

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