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What is Worldmappin?

Worldmappin is a map where any blogger on Hive can pin his posts, which is currently used by almost all travel bloggers on Hive.

@Worldmappin is the re-birth of @Pinmapple, which was stopped by the former management by the end of May / mid-June 2024. We agreed with the former management to take over the project with a mainly new and partly old team.

Read more at https://peakd.com/travel/@pinmapple/worldmappin-will-carry-on-pinmapples-legacy

We will develop the project further, add new functions for communities, add topics, and other features for all the people on Hive.

A short introduction

Read more about the team and the project and the long history at the "Intro Post" at https://peakd.com/hive-163772/@worldmappin/a-first-intro-into-worldmappin

Keybord shortcuts

Sometimes moving the map can be difficult. Why not use the keyboard? See how you can do this:

a bit more details

How can I help?

We got this question from many people who love the project. At the moment you can support the curation with some delegation to @worldmappin

Thank you for your support!

See who sent some support until today.

@eturnerx, @detlev, @ksteem, @lizelle, @godfish, @molometer, @alexanderfluke, @melinda010100, @ph1102, @callmesmile, @silviared945, @thekittygirl, @forykw, @vaipraonde, @hoosie, @castri-ja, @lovelemon, @relf87, @biologistbrito, @grindle, @littlebee4, @eolianpariah2, @coldbeetrootsoup, @quiubi, @emanate-artworx, @michaelreischer, @mustavi

...and the details of this delegation to @worldmappin.
All this will help to start the curation team with some nice votes on valuable content later in mid-June.

Many thanks for your support. This means a lot for us.

Travel the world and spread your PINs

the worldmappin PIN.png
The @worldmappin team


This is superb news! Very well done for the improvement, best wishes! Thank you very much!❤️

aaaaaah nice to see all the pins ate still there: https://worldmappin.com/@coldbeetrootsoup


Thanks for the mention! Will try this out!

Just added this phrase in my post, but I don't see anything. Am I doing this correctly?
[//]:# (!worldmappin 36.74744 lat 139.62204 long Nikko, Japan d3scr)

This is my post: https://peakd.com/hive-163772/@relf87/my-japan-trip-enjoying-the-nature-in-nikko-part-1

[Update: Ah yes I saw it! It worked!]

Glad to read it worked for you! Thank you for the update.

today I delegated a little more! In the future are we going to publish a post in the community or will they only let you add it to the map? good job! congratulations!

Many thanks for your delegation dear @biologistbrito

ohhhh nice. I just got a notification and I was like... this is weird LOL ehehhe congrats and good luck :D

We love to see many more pins on your map dear @sergiomendes

i wish I could travel more around eheheh but as they say... no money no fun

This is wonderful news, I congratulate you. I hope to use it soon. I'm trying to log in but I get an error. I will keep trying.

I tried correcting the link to https and it worked.

Thank you @doriangel
You get this error because you try to access the website using HTTP. Please upgrade your connection to HTTPS (https://worldmappin.com)

Sorry, confused! I can get the pin from the map no probs just like pinmapple, but unable to find the worldmap community to blog onto, I see you are uploading via pinmapple as are others. Is that what I do?

Very good point @grindle

We are just in the move with all this. We are renaming the Pinmapple community at this time into worldmappin and soon you will see it

See here https://peakd.com/c/hive-163772/created


Time to write the new post! Congratulations team @worldmapple and us!

Love to see your pins dear @mustavi

Wow! this is a good news 😊

Made my day with this news.



Seems to work as the prior product did. Yay!
[//]:# (!worldmappin 34.13276 lat -118.28396 long A Favorite Trailhead d3scr)

Yay, it's working! 😃

Great to see such a project standing on! I will soon share my post ;)

Achtung - Whooot

A minute ago we had a bug and have the site again on maintenance for a while.

That can happen, it's trial and error until it stabilises, but it will be fine! Thank you!

Nah, it only lasted a few minutes 😉

I have never participated in this project but have been aware of it and am ecstatic that it will continue. !LUV !PIMP

Feel invited @wanderingmoon

You must be killin' it out here!
@wanderingmoon just slapped you with 1.000 PIMP, @worldmappin.
You earned 1.000 PIMP for the strong hand.
They're getting a workout and slapped 1/1 possible people today.


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Sad to see the retirement of @pinmapple but happy to see the changing of the guard to the new ap/team!

This will give me and many others the opportunity to rediscover a classic and super connective hive service and have renewed fun connecting across the globe

Long live @worldmappin!

@zekepickleman a !BEER for you

Awesome! Great news….
Congratulations 🥂

Congrats on going live. Looks like worldmappin.com currently being flagged by Malwarebytes as phishing site. Maybe just cause of domain registration timing? or maybe needs additional code review?
May want to look into that and reach out to get whitelisted if all issues addressed.

Can you please test this again.

It is a new website for a newborn name - let's figure out why they give an alarm / block.

It's also showing completely clean in Virustotal today and 9 days ago.
with 0 / 93 vendors reporting anything wrong with it.
I've added it to the malwarebytes case request.


@ksteem and we added the correct "https"

Malwarebytes has just replied they have now whitelisted the site. May take 30 minutes to sync.


Make that first link https, the http link is wrong.

We fixed the link ;)

changed this. thanks @sanjeevm

I've submitted a request on their forum asking them to provide more detail on why flagged or to please whitelist.


Hey @worldmappin, here is a little bit of BEER from @thehockeyfan-at for you. Enjoy it!

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There is some problem (and now I see it is also on Pinmapple): when you just go to the place on the map, it won't show all the pins that are there. For example, just open main page and type "Złotoryja, Poland" in search box. It will lead you to the place with no pins. But if you do the same from my map profile, you'll see pin leading to one of my old posts. It might be because it is a pre-Pinmapple pin from Steemit World Map. On the other hand so is the pin from that post and it shows normally.

As a side note it doesn't really work on Firefox. Pin groups show as barely visible boxes with numbers, and frequently even if the pin is visible, it is not clickable. Also at times after refreshing page, pins get doubled.

All I know is that if some of your pins were featured then they can be seen in all the map and the rest can only be seen in your profile.

Interesting and worth a look.

We will add this to our list and have a look to it, whenever all core functions and the curation is running fine.

Thanks again for the work you are doing guys it's important to keep this space😍

Not able to get to the site , any idea why ?


You should make that first link https, that is the reason.

Thanks, I did it and now it works.

Yeah, using http was the reason.
We fixed it (as well as the provided link) and will automatically upgrade http connections to https from now.

SO HAPPY AND EXCITED FOR THIS!!!! Going to drop my delegation in a few moments!

Hey @gabrielatravels many thanks for your support

Pleasure all mine 🥰

This is very awesome news!! I was really sad when I heard that Pinmapple was closing down. I love the idea of a map of all visited locations and if there's going to be little app - even better!

Off to find you some delegation 😃.

Okay, I've checked a little further and saw that you can filter data only from the past 3 years. Is that a limitation of the server? Is there any way around it? Just wondering what happens to e.g. posts from January 2021. Personally, I'd love to have a map of ALL my posts.

Thank you!

Sure, use your personal link to see all your own pins.

I found it amazing and easy to navigate. Thank you to the incredible development team. Kudos.

@pinkchic we love to hear this. But a fair amount goes back to the @pinmapple team

I will try out http://worldmappin.com/ shortly!
Sent out some delegation too :)
We will be with this initiative all the way, thanks for not letting pinmapple die - would have been a pity..

Yeah - let us even build something cool out of this moment