🦋🐢💧TIL: Butterflies Drink Turtle Tears 🦋🐢💧

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Here's a totally random, pretty much useless yet super fun fact I learnt today.

Apparently, butterflies drink turtle tears as a source of sodium and minerals 🤣


Definitely a really bizarre yet beautiful sight!

In return, the turtles... well they get their eyes cleaned. Or maybe not 😂

I first stumbled upon this fact on Reddit, which claimed it was a mutually beneficial relationship.

After doing a bit of digging, it seems it's mostly a one sided relationship as they don't really get much out of it...It doesn't harm em but they are probably a bit annoyed turtle 😠

"They definitely don't seem to enjoy it. This is a fairly colorful example of commensalism — a species partnership where one species benefits and the other species doesn't really get affected, positively or negatively." source

Apparently, this tear-drinking behavior is most common in the western Amazon where the waters don't have much sodium.

As aforementioned, the butterflies feed on turtle tears to get sodium and other minerals, that aren't available from flowers. So in this case they get it from turtles.. Other species go for an even more bizarre and disgusting source... They dive into poop, lmao 😂

Yeah, I'll take the turtle tears anytime 😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣😠

Here are some more videos of this bizarre practice

Ok friends, enough useless information for today. Make sure to follow and subscribe for more dumb stuff like this 😆😂

P.S. @enginewitty check this out 😂🐢

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orphan tears are better :P

I think we (the girls and I) watched an episode of some such shit or another and they had some alligators on there that butterflies go and do the same thing. Good shit man.


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Hahahha this is such a random thing to learn.

I've had a turtle since I was 11 and I let him go into this paddling pool in the back garden on good days... I'm pretty sure if a butterfly came near him he'd go on the attack - not that he's viscious - but if I know Cooter, I know he ain't no push over.


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I never knew before that someone in the world feeds on tears. You do not stop surprising me :)

And I keep getting surprised by nature!

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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Lmao, it's like butterfly is doing what flies do to us humans - annoy. !LOL but this turtle tears combo 🤣🤣🤣 I'm cracking up.


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Sometimes I find it difficult to differentiate between turtles and tortoise

Tomayto, tomahto 😆

This is really weird, man. I haven't seen many adult turtles, and the ones I have seen don't have a butterfly on them. I would never want someone to drink my tear lol.


Nature surprises me all the time. I wonder how the turtle feels about this...

It isn't the first time that I saw an animal feeding from another one tears lol! man this is not so bizarre compared to the classic ants eating the aphid poop, which is much closer to candy to real human poop since is sweet as hell lol

How clever the butterflies are. It's all about the salt!

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Butterflies are very beautiful as you can see in the videos and also when I go to the same beautiful place, they look at us there.

I didn't see this happening yet but through vedio I am really surprised to see how butterfly drinking tears of turtle. Very amazing.

αγορι ολα καλα?....πολλα χαιρετισματα στη ruth

Very very strange. Smart butterflies, slow ass turtle…..🤣

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Feeding on tears is really crazy
This is my first time hearing such


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