Introducing my coding blog and my slow account transition

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Hello all, this is @bala41288. I'm going to be using this account going forward to post all my coding stuff. Along with that, I'm also planning to slowly transition my activities to this account. I have been waiting to do this for a very long time. I made a huge mistake by adding those OTP kinda numbers to my account username while creating an account on Steem back then. I did not know profile names are going to be an important thing here. But I should have changed my account at least after I realized it but now after 4 years of establishing a great basement, it is hard to switch all my activities to a totally new account. I will use this account as my coding blog and if it works well, I will try to gradually move all my activities to this account.

I will use this post as an introduction post to talk a little about myself too. I have been on Hive for a little over 4 years now. I started my journey here as a blogger and then slowly turned myself into a developer. Coding is my skill set in the real world and I do blogging as a hobby. I like learning things through online materials. Even though I have a Computer science and Engineering degree, most of my learning happened only by myself through online materials. I had also been a teacher in one of the computer institutes during the start of my career after completing my course.

Teaching has always been my area of interest. If I had enough passive income coming my way and if I would like to choose a peaceful job, it would be teaching. I also believe in the quote that "Men learn while they teach". Now that I don't have a chance to do some teaching through physical means, I wanted to start teaching online by writing some tutorials or doing some video stuff if possible. I always wanted to have an account exclusively for sharing my coding stuff. Hope this initiative will work well.



The main intention of having this separate account is to exclusively write only coding articles and not mix it up with any other things. In my main account which is @bala41288, I usually end up writing so many things, random things that can sometimes be a little confusing for my followers to decide if they should be following me or not.

I thought having a separate account will help non-technical people go easy on me on my main account. I will try to write tutorials, do video stuff and try to teach people whatever I know and whatever I have learned so far with the help of this account. I don't have any concrete plans as such but STEMgeeks community has always been in my mind and I wanted to contribute something regularly. This article will also go inside the STEMgeeks community and I'm also planning to grow this account with more STEM stake.

I still don't know how regular I can be in writing some technical stuff but to start with, I will try to write something at least once in a few days. Any form of content, either a technical guide or a simple tool or a technical series or even video tutorials. As some of my friends here are already aware, I build tools and services on top of Hive. To start with this new journey, I have already created a small tool for Hive users to view their Hive account data. As it is towards the year-end, this new tool will be handy to view their data and make a post on that. I will talk in detail about this new tool in my next article.

People who already know me as a developer and who would like to read my coding content can follow this account. If you want, you can also put me in your auto votes. I will make sure anything that is posted from this account is of good quality and detail. That's one of the reasons why I wanted this separate from my main account. I will still continue to make general posts from the main account as long as there is good support.

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Nice to see your new account. All the best, Bala.

Thank you so much Sayee. :)

I am looking forward to your coding posts.
happy new year
take care and stay safe

Thanks and wish you a happy new year too. Cheers!

Welcome balaz!
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Looking forward to it. Your Hive Engine witness guide helped me allot and was good to see they why behind the commands that I have no idea what they did, lol.

I'm planning to come up with articles similar to the Hive Engine Witness guide. Hopefully, my content will be informative. Thanks for the compliments. Cheers!

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