Dating Someone Who Hasn’t Healed From His Previous Heartbreak.

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I’ve got a story to share about a friend and her boyfriend. What’s your take or what would you advice her to do? She dated this guy for over a year and they broke up because he was cheating and it was obvious that he liked a particular girl more than her to the point that he posts the lady up on his social media pages at all times knowing fully well that my friend will see it and feel bad. On the long run, my girl decided to leave the relationship because she wasn’t happy with everything going on.


After sometime, the guy came again begging her and she agreed to continue the relationship but their new relationship is barely three months and he’s acting up again. Recently, he started posting up another girl and even insulting the previous one he dated on his status. My friend has been calling him for over three weeks and has been ignoring her calls. I told her not to ever call him anymore and I just hope she does so even though it seem like a difficult task to do cos it isn’t easy not to hear from someone you claim to love. It’s even sad that she texts him everyday, he sees the messages but decides to ignore and post on his social media pages.

Now, what I noticed is that the guy hasn’t really healed from the previous break up of his ex and it’s really affecting him. Also, I noticed that he doesn’t really love my friend but maybe he’s dating her because their genotypes are compatible. My friend’s genotype is AA while he is SS.


She hasn’t texted him for over two days and he didn’t even bother to check on her too. It’s obvious that he doesn’t like her and feels nothing for her but seeing my friend cry every now and then is crazy.

It’s really sad to love someone who doesn’t love you too and when you know you have not healed from your previous heartbreak, don’t go for another relationship because you’re going to treat the person like shit and it won’t be nice.


I’ve advised my friend to move on but this hurts so much. Have you ever been in this situation? If yes, what did you do and how were you able to move on so quick? If you have any idea, please drop it in the comment section and I’d appreciate your idea.



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In order to enter into a new love relationship or friendship, it is obviously necessary to overcome the past.

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It's not easy to heal after a breakup and like you said, it's better to come to terms with it first before moving on to a new one.


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