Marry That Girl | #ZapFic

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I remember her freckles...

Like molten seeds from the most delicious fruit.

They were like her character -

Loud and rambunctious when everyone was mute.

I fell in love with those freckles,

Love at first sight.

Marry that woman -

I just might.

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Thanks for reading! 😤

This post is a @freewritehouse #ZapFic entry. Word prompt: freckle

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Cool freewrite


Freckles, hell yes!

Hell to the yes.

Nice use of prompt mate, so lovely!

Thank youuuu~~

You are welcome

Wow. This is beautiful. What other way to describe beauty that what you just did. It's straight from the heart. love it.

Hey, thank you for the kind words!

Love can come out anywhere, freckles are beautiful

For some the most beautiful!

Well said

I encourage you to go ahead to marry her.

Thank you, counselor. 😁

Awwn, you've fallen for her..C'mon man don't delay...lolz

We never delay when it concerns our bae. 😆

lolz..You're right.