Wednesday Walk. The settlement behind the railway line

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The old brick houses behind the railway line are hidden among tall trees. In summer, you might not even notice them at all. But in autumn or winter, when the leaves fall from the trees, the old brick walls start to attract the eye. I had intended to walk towards these houses several times, but each time something stopped me.

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The beginning turned out to be mysterious and enigmatic, but in fact there are no mysteries or riddles here, everything is quite simple. These houses are located near the New Peterhof railway station. I (like millions of other visitors to Peterhof) come to Peterhof by suburban electric train. There are other modes of transport to Peterhof, including motorboats, but I like to take the train. When you get off the train and head towards the park, the old settlement is behind you, you can't see it.

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When you return to the railway station after walking through the parks, you walk in the opposite direction. But at this point you are already so tired after your long walk that your main desire is to enter the train carriage and sit down in a soft chair. You humbly agree with the statement that one day to see all the sights of Peterhof is too little. Your legs are too tired to go and check out what's hiding among the trees.

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I put off walking around the village behind the railway line time after time, until one morning I woke up in the mood to go and see something new to me. I wasn't expecting anything special from this place, it's not on the lists of places of interest, and I expected to see two or three old houses, no more. The reality turned out to be much more interesting.

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Old brick houses lined up in rows along several streets of the settlement. Most of them were apartment blocks, but there were also a few administrative buildings. The door of one of the entrances was open, and I peeked inside to see how the staircase was decorated. Two houses on the edge of the settlement stand empty, windows boarded up, but the rest of the buildings are in pretty good condition.

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All these houses were built in the early 20th century. The buildings were built according to a single project for the Caspian Infantry Regiment. But already in 1918 the regiment was disbanded. In the XX century these buildings were handed over to different departments several times. For about 15 years the Suvorov Frontier Military School was stationed here, and in memory of this period of its history the settlement received its modern name - Suvorov Township.

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This is my entry for the #WednesdayWalk challenge by @tattoodjay.


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Thank you very much!

Red bricks always date the region bringing an atmosphere of early 1900s when much engineering and architecture where designed to please the eye. Old staircase within another trump card design on the time!

@tipu curate

It really was an interesting walk. Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

We tend to forget how much we enjoy what previous generations accomplished, it really is a treat walking areas like this.

It really is a lovely place, thank you very much!

Beautiful pictures 👍

Thank you very much!

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How beautiful this place is to walk, the streets are covered with trees, I like the brick houses.
Beautiful photographs @tatdt

Thank you very much!

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Thank you very much!

You have beautifully captured the brick houses. We too have forest trees where I live and they keep shedding the leaves during the winter. The deciduous forests are often thick and lushly green for the rest of the year. Quite interesting to see how the works apart is still so similar.

It really was an interesting walk. Thank you so much, I'm really glad you enjoyed it!