Teach Them How Sophisticated Smartphones Are

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Good evening all friends, greetings to all of us, may we always be given health and success, today I will again try to participate in the weekly featured content which today has entered week 64 edition 02 with topics that are definitely very interesting to write about every edition

talking about someone who was born in the 60s means we're talking about someone who has an elderly age and of course most of those born that year are very minimal in knowledge about some of the technologies that are growing with the times, but there are some of them who are also able to adapt with some of these developments such as knowing about the existence of a technology, namely smartphones which can make it easier for us to communicate with people who are so far away from us and can see each other's smiles with advanced features that are increasingly being developed, but there are also very many of them who I don't really understand smartphones and in my opinion, we who live in an era of all-sophisticated things like this really need to give an explanation of how sophisticated this technology is

to explain it all to them is also not an easy thing, because at that age it is no longer the age to be able to grasp some new knowledge and remember easily, of course we have to explain about the Smartphone in several languages ​​and uses that are easy for them to remember, before we I have to tell you more about what a Smartphone is, for myself Smartphone is one such sophisticated technology that we can find so many positive sides there, with several applications and features that make it easier for us to know everything that is happening in all corners world

next I will explain one of the parts that makes them remember Smartphones so easily is they can see anything they want to see by using the internet on their smartphones, such as seeing some natural beauty that they have never seen before and being able to view the news online. directly by just sitting at home, and the most important part is if they have children who are far away from them we can introduce the whatsapp application to them so they can see their children and even grandchildren who are far from them so they will not feel lonely, I'm sure most of them of them know about Smartphones but that was just a Smartphone before which could only be used to send messages and make calls, not being able to send several photos or being able to see the person we were talking

I'm sure some light explanations and easy language will make them quickly understand about the Smartphone, all we have to do is guide them when they want to find something they need and they can comfortably enjoy their days with a soul that will never get bored

that's the method and explanation that I will use when I face someone who was born in the 60s so that they can easily understand about smartphones, and I'm sure everything is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand and there is a long process that we have to go through and patience is the key to it all, that's what can I wrote on the topic this time, I apologize if there are some wrong words, see you again in the next post.



Yeah you're right because they are old it may be hard to teach them these things and they might forget easily but then you need to make them understand

Yes, it's true that everything has a way if we want to try


You are right. Patient is the key here. They don't need to be rushed to understand these gadgets but they will definitely understand after a while.

you are right, we have to teach them step by step so they can easily understand it all and if they are in a hurry they will forget what we teach because at that age their memory will definitely decrease a little

Using light words will be the best as they would find it difficult to understand the technology behind a smartphone. Your words are unique.

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By providing them knowledge of ultimate entertainment such as whatsapp and internet use it would become easier for them to learn.

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