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The celebration is finally coming to an end and as a community are looking forward to another milestone. In the process of this, some things should be paid attention to contribute to the success of another 100 weeks. It had been a wonderful experience these past few days learning from other writers about their lessons and achievements over the past 100 weeks of @hivelearners featured editions. All I can say is learning has no end, the more we are in search of knowledge, the more we grow in every aspect of our lives.

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The featured edition is a great initiative and I can't but give kudos to @hivelearners for that great standout among other communities. One of the best things for me about the featured edition is that it cuts across all human life and this is its peculiarity. Sometimes when I'm unable to write one out of the three weekly prompts for some reason, I feel somehow incomplete and this is because I'm used to it. It's already registered in my archives and it's not just because I love writing but because it does impact my life in one way or the other.


As far as I'm concerned, I don't think some things need to be changed, as I said earlier, the topics on the featured editions are chosen from all areas of human life. The topics connect with humans in so many ways and this is its uniqueness. The only thing I can say needs a change is our reach-out pattern, @hivelearners is a community that is accommodating which means we should have a large number of participants irrespective of race and tribe. But it saddens me that in our hangout and podcast, only a few people show interest, and that isn't good enough.

We should reach out more on the hive blockchain to people who don't know about @hivelearners, don't be surprised when you get to know that some people are on the hive blockchain who don't know that a community named @hivelearners exists. Let's invite more people or create an awareness that notifies newbies of @hivelearners and its prompts, it will be nice having more people in the community. This will add more knowledge to the acquired ones because we all will view things from different points of view thereby making us learn one or more from one another.


@Hivelearners should just keep up with their daily, weekly, or monthly activities, trying as much as possible to get more people engaged, and with this, I'm sure success will be attained even before 200 weeks. I understand fully that keeping a community together can be so tasking but with dedication, patience, focus, and consistency then nothing will be impossible. The community has great prompts and one good thing about it again is that it is well open for ideas and communications and that is a step ahead and a step closer to achieving success.


I don't have one particular genre I can say should be treated more because, in the past 100 weeks, I guess every genre you could expect was touched. As I said earlier, the featured edition topics revolve around human lives and experiences. Then we are looking forward to seeing even more appealing, challenging, emotionally connected topics as we did in the past 100 weeks. Once again, congratulations to everyone, wishing you all success ahead in our journey into the next 100 weeks of success.

Thanks for your time and your comments will be appreciated.


I am from Venezuela, and I am amazed to see different points of view about topics in other countries far away, maybe there could be more interaction through X or Instagram. There are many like me who are learning to use X, and we do not participate live because of the little knowledge of the English language, I understand written English, but I need to work a lot on pronunciation and speech. I have only written in English and Spanish in the Creative Sunday initiative, and I have seen publications of other colleagues in Spanish and Portuguese.

Because of how open, polite and entertaining the community is, I think it is very possible to attract other people in Latin America, I feel very happy to belong to such a dynamic community, which I met thanks to the kindness of @prayzz who invited me to make a collage, and since that day I was captivated to read so many intelligent publications. Best regards.

This is so amazing, that's cool, I think more work on X to help other users is great advice. Thanks for reading.

What a thoughtful response to the given questions. Personally I think that we can do better to reach out to more people on X, through our activities over there

Just like you said,more people attracts more knowledge to the acquired ones because we all will view things from different points of view thereby making us learn one or more from one another.

That's right boss

As if the week should not end from my side, now I know am not allow in this. True, lots of persons don't know about the community, and they need to know and get ways to be actively involved too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts

Thanks for reading, it had been an amazing week.

But it saddens me that in our hangout and podcast, only a few people show interest, and that isn't good enough.

ya this is a problem. i think one is the timing (at least for me I feel because I'm always joining but it's always like midnight or 1am already) and probably the second sad to say but people need to have incentive to join. they don't join to be part of the community but maybe more for monetary purpose x.x.

I thought so too

ya we just need more genuine people that arent just for the money then maybe w ewill have more

I hope so

we can only do our part

Exactly boss

Yes, creating an awareness of this community will make people aware that there is a community like HL which exist on Hive blockchain. The community has done the best in carrying its members along with topics that cuts across human lives and this is something amazing. We want to do another 200 weeks. So, cheers to the beautiful topics that will be coming after. I popped in here through #dreemport

You are rightboss

I love your write-up so much, hivelearners community is one of the best but they need to curate people well, this is another means of rewarding their effort. #dreemerforlife

You are right, I guess with time, it will be regulated

I'm not yet in the community so can't really relate with your submission. All I can say is congratulations to Hive learners community


Thank you, we would love to have you around, I'm sure you are going to enjoy it.