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This prompt got me thinking of what I would love to take a picture of, is it my favorite shoe, bag, necklace, or wristwatch then something came to my mind. A picture of what you can hardly see me without, I am always with it wherever I go though it does prompt many questions that I don't like giving answers to because I'm tired of explaining. Sometimes no matter how much you explain to people, they will always have more questions and I hate that most. I love clarifying misunderstandings but when the questions get too much, it just pissed me off.

An original picture

Here is a picture of my eyeglasses, oh yes! My eyeglasses. Well, there are lots of questions surrounding this picture because everyone I meet seems to be interested in why I'm using glasses and why I'm always on glasses. And the questions are "Do you have blurred vision? Don't you see without glasses? Is it for walking or reading? Are they correctional glasses or just for fashion? What will happen if you don't wear glasses?" All these questions over a pair of glasses and I do wonder why so much fuss because I'm using glasses.

A scenario happened at school one day that always made me laugh anytime I remembered it. A guy bumped into me and hit the left side of my glasses and he immediately apologized asking "Are you okay? Did I hit your eyes? Are your glasses broken?". At that instance, I didn't know which of his questions to reply to, I just smiled and told him "I'm fine", and then he left. Afterward, I asked myself, why the exaggeration as if he hit a pregnant woman, it's just glasses for God's sake. Sometimes I wish to remove them when I'm out or not go out with it but I can't, I just have to put it on when going out and these are glasses I don't put on when I'm at home though I was told to do so.

My eyeglasses are photochromic glasses that were prescribed for me a few years back when I had a certain eye problem. Though it wasn't as difficult as many do take it, I do feel a sharp pain in my eyes daily and this always makes my eyes watery. It got worse that I couldn't walk in the sun without covering my eyes with something and that is very dangerous, how will I walk and still cover my face? Then I visited an optician who ran some tests on my eyes and gave lots of medical comments that I had to google out to get an understanding of what she meant.

I was told my eyes couldn't deal with much light penetration which is why I find it difficult to walk in the sun and also to correct some eyes defect so I was placed on medicated correctional glasses for the first year which was later changed to photochromic glasses which would allow me to walk in the sun with my eyes opened and also while using my phone or laptop. These glasses will limit the rays of light penetrating my eyes and this was why I had been using glasses since then. Those glasses are not reading glasses, I could easily read without them on but many think everyone using glasses is for reading.


My glasses mean a lot to me, it is like my buddy, my companion. If those glasses are to be human, I'm sure it's going to know 100% of my hidden secrets because I go everywhere with it but thank God it's an object. It is the best object buddy I have because it always gets me out of struggling to see in the sun.


I must say, it is very important because I can't do without it, I go out every day. It's always with me and what could be more important than getting to use it when you need it? Sometimes when I'm in a rush and I forget to take it along, I do feel different, like part of me is absent, and sure throughout the day, I would be incomplete because seeing in the sun will be a thug of war. You can see how important it is to me, I cherish it so much that I don't allow people to go near it. I do keep it in a safe place because I know if anything should happen to it, I will suffer the consequences which I'm not ready for.

All images taken by me

Thanks for your time and your comments will be appreciated.


I understand the guy who bumped into you and I wouldn't have done anything different because I know the importance of the glasses even though I don't know what the condition was.

I will advise you to eat carrots regularly and have locust beans in your meals if possible. They are very good when it has to do with sight...

Oh my😄thank you, I will try even tho I don't like carrot that much and locust beans oh Jesus. I do eat it in draw soup like okra , anything aside that I can't put locust bean in it but anyway I will try to. I've gotten different advises over the years and I understand the good will. Thanks a lot.

I remember how you use to look when you aren’t with you glasses. I kinda miss your face too, one day I will come visit again and I hope you keep your glass well so I don’t seat on it

I had one of my coursemates then, she was always careful with her glasses so I understand the guy who bumped into you and apologized immediately


Hi, I suffer from aftigmatism, and I use glasses to drive because suddenly I see other cars farther away than they really can be and I run the risk of colliding with them, the same happens to me with people and objects. At home I don't wear glasses and neither do I wear them to watch TV. On the street and at work I do use them for my own safety, the safety of other vehicles (when I drive), passers-by and co-workers. I have been asked all those questions you mention!!!.

That's better for your safety and for others too

What a lovely object to choose for the post :)

As a lifelong spectacled person (started wearing when I was about 10 years old) I would have chosen the same, except for the fact that I often forget about my spectacles when thinking of such prompts. They are so much a part of me that most times they are invisible to me. However without a doubt, they are the most important objects I own :)

Good writing, and thanks for reminding me what is important :)

Cheers from a fellow #dreemerforlife

Awnnn thanks for reading.

Eyeglass always give a great Look to people

Yes sure

Welcome 🤗

I guess I now know who to ask when I want to know your secrets. Do you have plans on getting a new pair?

PS: It's the same kind of glasses that my girlfriend uses.


Awnnnnn God when, not really, I would just be checking the power frequently to know when I need to increase to suit it purpose.

Glasses know all!

I say the eyes are the way to the soul and the glasses,well yeah they know you!

Popped in from dreemport #dreemerforlife

Thanks for reading

Nae bither!