Looking forward to my birthday anniversary

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As humans, we all have different anniversaries we celebrate yearly, some can't miss them as they have it all lined up in their heads while some don't even care or see it as an important thing to celebrate. Well, we all have our choices and that's what distinguishes us from one another. Just as the saying "one man's food is another man's poison", the differences in our choices sometimes tell people around us who we are.


For now, I guess I have just one anniversary that matters a lot to me and that is my birthday. Birthdays are to be celebrated, I don't know why some don't celebrate. Someone once told me, he doesn't celebrate birthdays because it makes him look older and closer to the grave. I tried to believe what he said but to me, it has no meaning. Birthdays are beautiful anniversaries for one to think about what he or she has achieved over the past years and set a new goal for the new age he or she just clocked.

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My birthday is a great day for me, a day I always look forward to. It is a day to count my blessings, appreciate those who have impacted my life positively, and set new goals for myself that I will be willing to achieve. To me, my birthday is like a new year, a new beginning for me and this is why I cherished it so much. Every new year I clock brings one or two positive impacts to my life and this always makes me look forward to it.


Wow! What a big question, I just wish to have a small get-together with my close friends, dance, and have fun. Celebrate my achievements over the past year because it is a new year for me.

Celebrating birthdays doesn't need a big party, all that matters is putting yourself first as the priority no matter how small it may be. Being alive to witness another year alone is a big reason to be happy on that day and forget every sorrow and pain. My birthday this year is the anniversary I'm looking forward to because there are some things that I have outlined in the past years that I have been able to achieve and there are some which are yet to be achieved.

Every year comes with different blessings and also different challenges. Just as the common saying "When there is life, there is hope". Birthday to me is like opening a new chapter in one's life. Everyone loves greatness and success so why wouldn't you love to celebrate another year of great existence which still gives hope of achieving whatever you set out to achieve? Every birthday of mine always leaves a lasting memory, even when not celebrated, but the joy that I'm entering into another chapter of my life alone is a good reason to be happy.

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I think some people avoid celebrating birthdays due to their religious beliefs. I have come across them.
As for me, it's good to look at the journey so far, celebrate the wins and strategize on how to make the future better. Birthday celebration serves as a catalyst to a greater tomorrow.

Enjoy yourself when the time comes. I wish you the very best.

Amen thanks boss

You are welcome

It's an honor and something to be grateful for, celebrating one's birthday, I wish you all the fun, and may all your wishes come true.

Amen ma'am thanks alot