I prefer having a few friends

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Welcome to another week to pen down success, I can say I had a nice time throughout the celebration week, and I'm sure it's going to be another step to success. @Hivelearners is known for reasonable and connecting prompts and this is the beauty of the community.

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In response to today's prompt, I can say I'm not the type that easily makes friends based on one attitude of mine that people regard as pride which I call high self-esteem and self-importance. I believe so much in first impressions, and I've been working with it for years. It has been of great help to me in choosing my friends and this is why I don't keep many friends because the larger the number of friends I have, the bigger the problem. Problems are one of the things I detest with passion, especially with people of the same gender as I am. Problems with ladies don't get solved easily, there will be an uproar of other attached problems while trying to solve the ones at hand.

I find it difficult to make friends because I do take my time to study with whoever I want to be friends with. In the process of studying you if we have things in common I found out that the friendship would become a problem for me afterward, I quickly withdrew and just kept you as an acquaintance, not as a friend. I have quite a good number of acquaintances but have just one friend and this one friend, we've been together for 3 years, complementing each other in the best way we can. Many people who see us do think we don't fight or have misunderstandings but that's because we know how to go about it when we have any issues at all.

I talked about high self-esteem and self-importance in my introduction, this is something I cherish so much. I don't have many friends because some think I am proud, well that's their opinion about me, can't judge them for what they think. I love my peace a lot and I can't jeopardize it for anything, so making friends is more or less like stress to me and that makes me keep my circle so small.


Yes, I do and that's for my mental health and peace of mind. I mentioned earlier that females can be problematic at times, quarreling over irrelevant things that are worth it. I had once kept a big circle of friends but regretted it after being backstabbed and that was one of the great lessons I learned in life. And that stood as a motivation for me to stay in my lane and keep my circle as small as possible. So it's having few friends for me, because the larger the number, the bigger the problems and why would I want to cause problems for myself? That would be so unreasonable, so to avoid see finish (unnecessary attachment) I would prefer to have a few friends.

Thanks for your time and your comments will be appreciated.


Hehe, see finish indeed
Well, it's always fun to know what you can handle and go for it.. it doesn't make sense that you have a long list of friends whereas they don't even value you

That's the point. You will later be the outcast.

I get...I perfectly do

Like you, I don't have so many friends. I have a few, of course, and we've mostly gone way back. Making new friends isn't anything that gets me excited. I can just be cool with everyone else. But for my friends, I would go all the way.

That's just the point momma, keeping a few circle that are more than millions

You are not an arrogant person if not cautious, and I understand that horrible feeling of friends who stab you in the back, I have lived it. Quality of friends before quantity of friends, that's the most important thing.

That's so right boss

Good one. Let them see you as proud. You know what you want. And what is with the fun they will make out of you when they see you quarrel with your so called many friends if you had them? .

That's just it, I was backstabbed. I learned a big lesson

Sorry about that. You learn your lesson. We live on.

Yes ooo

These days a lot of people prefer to stay in their own not giving any room for friendship especially now that we don't even know who to trust and who not to.

Yes oooo, no one can be trust

I know you for high self esteem, I won't call that pride, it's better we protect our personalities than being opened and end up getting hurt. Taking ones time to get friends will do so much in helping us pick the right ones.

I don't like making friends, but I always find people coming my way, so, I just embrace them and we keep going like that heheh.

Lolz sha no fall on your way

I won't fall when I have you in my life🥰

Lolz awnnnn m blushing


I have discovered that making friends with the same gender can be a big problem because they tend to fight over things that doesn't worth it. My gender has issues seriously. This is why I prefer to keep my circle small and simple because I don't like trouble.
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I choose a small circle too to avoid problems.

That is the best.

Yes momma

I think sometimes, it's best to have the best small circle of friends than having a large one that would give problems.


Exactly momma

You are right about ladies finding it hard to keep friends. I've met a few ladies that prefer friends of the opposite sex.

Friends do fight but always find it worthy to come back. Glad your friend of 3 years is one to reckon with

Ladies are 100% problematic, I don't know why my gender is so convenient with problems. I prefer friendship with the opposite sex because it's less gossip and a problem