Reducing The Birth Number In A Country? Yay Or Nay?

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The hive learners community contest made me remember the story I heard about my grandfather. I heard that my grandfather had five wives and gave birth to twetny eight children. This means that anyone could give birth to any number of children he or she wishes to have in those days even though you have the money to nurture them or not. There was never a government regulation for it and there is no regulation for it at the moment.


Also, some countries regulte the number of kids a family can have. I really don’t see that as a big deal as long as their aim is to make sure that everyone who has a child is able to train and also take care of them.

How is the regulation of having kids in my country?

Well, there is no particular law about having kids in my country. That’s why you see that some people just give birth to kids without any control even when they don’t have the financial capacity to take care of them.
Unfortunately, the people who don’t have enough funds to take care of their children are the ones who give birth to so many children.

When we go to the Northern part of Nigeria, we tend to realize that a household has nothing less than five children in a household and any household that has less than that is likely to be a new marriage and they are just beginning to have kids.
Presently, there is no regulation of number of kids in my country.

Do I believe that the government should be involved in such?

To an extent, I feel the government should be involved. Well, it may not make sense to wish to reduce the population of a country without any reason but people are suffering. It’s sad that some people bring kids into this world without making plans of how to take care of those children.


So if the government comes in, they will be able to give the number of children a household can have. The lower class can have so so amount of kids, the middle class and also the rich ones. This will be helpful so that it will reduce the rate of unemployment in the country and reduce the number of people who are in poverty.

Will regulating the number of children in a family make things better for the country?

I fee this can make things better. There are times when the government send funds to the citizens or even try to do some certain things for people in the country but when we are too much, it won’t reach everyone but when the number of births is reduced, the government will be able to reach so many people.


At the same time, regulating birth numbers in a country will reduce the rate of unwanted pregnancy but the government needs to make sure that they make it very strict and people won’t have a way to bypass the law but this is Nigeria and I’m sure my fellow Nigerians will understand what I mean.

Well, there are some laws in Nigeria that are not very strict and I am not sure if things will work out as planned if this law is made.


Once i saw that the birth rates in nigeria are crazy!

That’s how we roll here😅

Both my granddads had multiple wives and a lot of children. Back in those days they needed large families to run the farms and ensure enough of them survive into adulthood due to high child mortality rate.

Let’s just take that as their reason but it isn’t nice