Is Taking Care Of Your Parents When They Grow Old A Compulsory Task?

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There is a saying that goes thus: “One good turn deserves another”. No matter how good you can be, if you help someone, you’d want the person to pay back in one way or the other. It’s not compulsory but when you need that person’s help and you don’t get it, you’ll feel bad because of the day the person had no one and you were his last option as a shoulder to lean on so it really hurts when you ask the person for help and you know he has the capacity to but didn’t help you clear your mess.


That’s just life for you. When we take a look at some parents, the main reason they take care of their children is because of their old age. They are doing it so that when they grow old, the child will also be able to take care of them. Don’t you feel that’s something like trade by barter?

What are my thoughts on this?

Honestly, I don’t see anything bad in a parent wanting his or her child to take care of them when they grow old but it depends on the motive. Luckily, I’m from a home where my parents are well to do and they even opened a business for me which was some millions of Naira.
My dad says something that his pension is enough to take care of him when he grows up so even if we don’t take care of him, he’d still do well in life. I love that kind of mentality which means that he wouldn’t have to wait for us to feed him before he puts food on his table even though he may be expecting us to do something for him as his children.

There are also some parents who make it compulsory for their children to take care of them when they grow up. Those are the kinds of parents you’d see in their children’s house every now and then just because of what they want to get from them. Have you seen cases in which some parents swear for their children just because those ones refused to take care of them? At the same time, the joy of parent is to be taken care of when they grow old and can’t work to feed themselves anymore.

Do I feel parents deserve to have someone who care for them just as they have cared for their children after many years?

Yes!!!! It is really important. There are some of us here who are parents and they know what it takes to nurture a child. Some people don’t eat if their child doesn’t have anything to eat. The way good parents sacrifice so many things for their children shows how much they want them to do better in life.


There are some parents who are doing jobs that are very strenuous and when you ask them why they are doing it, they’re doing it because of their kids. Imagine someone going through all of those for you and you wouldn’t take care of such person? It will be so sad. Every good parent deserves to be spoilt by their kids when they grow old. It isn’t necessary for them to be very wealthy before they can take care of their parents but the little things matter.


Our parents really need the attention of us when they grew old because they have really labour over us.

Absolutely friend it's never compulsory but for me,.I feel really grateful for my parents and the efforts they put in my life... I've already started giving them lots of money and they're always proud.. there's this joy that comes when I give to my parents
.. I feel like I didn't fail in life but actually sucveed

It's very important for us to take care of our parents when they are old and I won't actually call it a responsibility but it's just love and appreciation for all the care they have given us over the years 👌

It's true that children should care for their aged parents but parents should not put all their hope on the child, you never can tell where the child will be tomorrow.


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There get a stage in life that money isn't what parents need but that love and care. It's important at that time for children to step out and do whatever in any way to care for their parent because at that time they are solely depending on them with or without being asked.

It pains my heart when I see aged parents still cracking palm kernel and all just to sustain themselves and keep living when they have children in cities. I love your stand on the topic.

I think this is the reason why parents just have to be good to their children especially when they know they will one day grow old. You are lucky to have a father that thinks that way. The painful part is when you know your parents did almost nothing for you except of course bringing you to this world to suffer but they still expect you to take very good care of them immediately you are an adult not even when they grow old.

Taking care of a good parent is something that won’t be hard at all because you as the child on your own will know that they deserve it and more.