The Beekeeper — Exposing The World Of Scamming!!!

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Movies are entertaining. One thing I always look out for when watching any movie is lessons to learn from it. Of what use is a movie without sending a clear message and lessons to learn from? My friends would say they can never watch movies with me, except for a few who understand me and are patient to focus and get the message from such a movie. They know I don't skip or forward any scene but take my time to watch while focusing on each line and something to get from it. I usually have a pen and book by my side when I am watching a movie and at other times, with my notepad while in transit or somewhere where I can easily jot down whatever phrase that catches my attention.

A lot of us would agree that there are movies that are filmed based on real-life stories, based on books, etc. Some things happen in reality that we see in movies just to let all viewers know what is happening around us, so also movies that are near impossible with a lot of fantasies which one can vividly say can never happen in real life.

This is one reason we try not to believe everything seen in movies but the most important thing is to focus on lessons to be learned from them because that is what these movie producers want us to get and capture — lessons to learn from.

I have watched lots of movies that caught my attention and got many lessons from them, some got me so emotional that tears would flow from my eyes and would be so real and that is because I put my mind into such movies and would feel empathetic about them. But this particular one got me hooked to the last. Well, I didn't cry but I felt for the victim.

Let's move on to see what is in this movie...




Beekeeper is a touching and interesting movie that took place in the United Kingdom. The movie is about how corruption was exposed by a hive keeper because an old woman was fraud to death by some set of organisations that set up a particular software that seemed to be helping the citizens, not knowing that the software was made to be scamming the unprivileged ones. After all, the owner seems to be untouchable.


The old woman was an educator who had worked all her life to help support charity organisations. Over two million dollars were taken from her account because she did not know how to operate the computer; her daughter set up the system for her. But while trying to ask for guidelines from a computer operator who seems to be a young guy, but ends up transferring all the money into their account. This led to the woman committing suicide.

But, it's just so amazing when a neighbour named Mr Clay exposes the corruption because of the result of what killed the old woman through the incident that the so-called untouchable ones caused. The movie is an American Action movie that speaks a lot of strong violence and fighting throughout the movie.

I was made to know what beekeepers are capable of doing except you do not cross their boundaries. Mr Clay took up the fight because this woman was the only one who took care of him in the apartment. Clay stood on his word and made sure everyone involved was hunted and killed. Even the daughter of the woman, who was a CBI agent could not track these wicked people down.




I love the role Mr Clay played because he is the main fighter in that movie, who wants to expose the corruption in the country, and he performed his role very uniquely and in excellent ways.

The movie exposes the corrupt activities that the people in power use on the less privileged ones. However, the movie dwells on how people should be very careful about using known & unknown applications/software in order not to hurt them in return and ensure the tool sources are legal and well registered.

It also focuses on people in the range of 18-60 years of age who are using the computer in illicit ways and one should be very careful around them. Imagine a young guy about 20 years old in the business of scamming people who have made lots of wealth from it.


I was also amazed at Mr Clay's actions and the way he moved on his every operation and made me know that nothing is impossible and nobody is untouchable, just that their time hasn't reached to be caught by the right person/people. I love where he said no one is untouchable, yes, he took care of them smoothly.

Every part of the movie is okay because it uses the right locations, tools, cars, and environment, and every other element of the movie enhances the movie's outlook.

The movie is one of the best to me and I will always recommend it to people to watch and learn that nothing is impossible and most importantly, to be careful in this digital and technology world because anything can happen. Scammers are everywhere and we shouldn't fall victim or feel ignorant but do our research on any project before embarking on it. So also, we are in a digital world and everyone should have, if not all, knowledge of how to operate the computer and verify information before making a decision.

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Thanks for your time reading. Looking forward to your interaction.


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Oh mine! The Bee keeper, this movie is so interesting. I really like Jason, he was actually the one that made me to watch this movie....I love his movies🤭

I love how he dealt with those scammers.

Someone like me, I watched movies for both entertainment and lessons because while entertaining, if you are not carried away, there's always a lesson in every movie to grap.

Yes, I do like Jason in movies too. This was an amazing one from him and I love how he dealt with the scammers.
Movies are for both entertainment and learning, so we shouldn't be carried away not to pick one or two lessons out from movies. Thank you for reading.

This review is enough to make one to go watch the movie. Good one.


I saw this movie and I found it very interesting, there is a world out there full of people who swindle and get rich by stealing from the elderly, that is a reality, in this world everything is possible. thanks for sharing, I also recommend it.


I should watch this 🙂

I haven't watched this movie but I have seen the thriller, I know it is going to be worth all the hype seeing Jason Statham as Mr. Clay as the lead actor.

Great I read your review now, if I get the chance this is one movie I have to watch.

My brother recommended it to me and it took me over 3 weeks to finally see it. I just decided to watch it and was worth it. You should watch it, ma. So interesting

Thank you for the recommendation Princess, I will give it a watch as soon as I can.

You are welcome 😊

ooo this was a nice movie. i really liked the actor in this one just kicking everybodys butt

Yea. He kicked everyone in the butt until he took care of all of them. They were bad people scamming the innocent and naive ones.

ya o.o he was a beast. wait til we meet beekeeper in real life

Hahaha 😆

Only if I can also sit and watch movies like you. But it's a lie 😂 perhaps we can go on a date on day then see movie together.

Oya. Let's make it a date together then 😆

And we can lodge after date, or go home together 😜

🤣🤣 naughty boy

I think that I share the same reason with you for watching a movie. If I watch any movie from which I didn't learn any lesson, I declare the time spent watching it as a waste. Your review about this particular movie is awesome. I think I will have to watch it.

Yes, a total waste. Movies should teach us something and not for the entertainment purpose only.

This is great.
I always try all my best to pay attention to movies that am watching at that time but it was very bad of me. I may not catch anything whenever am watching a movie.

When I see a movie isn't worth it, I will just stop it. I make sure to get something out of any movie. It is good to pay attention to stuff like that, you know?

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Thank you 😊

I downloaded this movie just yesterday because my friend wouldn't stop talking about it. Plus, she thinks it's the kind of movie I'd enjoy. Although I know what the plot is like, it still hasn't dented my interest to watch it.

And like you, movies are not only for fun. I should be getting something from spending long valuable minutes of my time watching them, even if it's learning a new word or phrase. You grab?

Of course, I do grab. I also learn new words and phrases from movies and would jot them down so as not to forget. It has really been fun too.

Yes have watched the movie before and the movie is interesting. Also, I love paying attention while watching my movies.

That's great. It's good to pay attention to movies to learn something from it.

What's the essence of watching a movie without gaining something knowledgeable 🤷 I don't know of others but that's me.
I haven't watched the movie but it has my interest now 😊

Yes, you are right. Of what use is watching a movie and not gaining anything? I would rather do something else than watching movies that won't teach me something. Thank you.

U're welcome 🤗

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You're on fire @princessbusayo! Your daily posts are keeping Hive lively and exciting.

I am happy for your review. I am always looking for movies to watch.

Thank you for checking my post out.

With the way you've explained it, I should add watching this to my to-do list. I should try. 😂