Reliving My Childhood Snake Meat Feasts

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When it comes to culinary experiences, taste can vary widely. What one person finds to be enjoyable and worth a sumptuous delicacy, another can find it unpalatable and weird to taste. The adage, one man's food is another man's poison rings especially true for my experience with eating snakes. Most people I have seen have expressed their dissatisfaction with this meat that they vow that it is over their dead body would they ever taste such a meat.


While it may seem odd or exotic to some just like my amazing friend @nkemakonam89 who finds it weird to eat such, she even mentioned that she can never eat dog meat else, she might start barking 😄 this is a meat I have eaten when I was a little girl but decided never to taste it again and that is a decision I have stood on for many years.

Coming back to snake meat, I find it enjoyable and also fascinating to explore such different cuisines together with other meat like pigs.

I was exposed to eating snake meat when I was a young girl. My mom made me love the meat that I used to watch out for snakes around the area and when I came across any, I quickly call the guys around my area and they would kill it, unknown to them, I would have beckoned on my mother to come over so she could bribe the guys with some money in exchange for the dead snake and that was how things were happening in our vicinity.

Where we lived was a bushy area that wasn't developed until work started years after. So, everywhere was filled with bushes and we were always told to be careful when walking at night because of snakes and other dangerous insects or animals. With us being careful, I was always on the watch out for snakes and always ready to call the guys around, also my mother's attention so she could be aware of what was going on. We bought our way through bribing the guys in the neighbourhood whenever they killed a snake.


It got to a point, where my mom had to make friends with the guys and told them to always remember her whenever they killed a snake especially when I wouldn't be around to know what had happened. What do we do with the snake, you may ask?

My Dad was working in the city of Lagos as at that time while we lived in another part of the state which wasn't far from Lagos, calculating the journey is an hour and thirty minutes and it goes beyond that when there is traffic. Those who know Mowe in Ogun State will understand how the distance isn't that far. My dad goes to work in the morning and returns, most times late at night. He doesn't return alone, he comes along with a keg and other times, 2 kegs of pure palm wine, he has a friend who made it available for him.

When the snake had been killed, mom would call my daddy on the phone and say a phrase in my tribe which is "Obey, bush meat has landed. Do the needful" Obey is the name everyone calls my dad because of his love for the popular Nigerian juju musician, Ebenezer Obey. Whenever my mom said the word, he would laugh and hail her on the phone, and the needful was to bring palm wine while coming home.


Such a night always goes well with the family as my dad would top the generator with fuel and we put it on serving us light till midnight when we would be enjoying ourselves with snake meat and palm wine. It was always a night of joy and excitement for the family and one we would always want to experience every time.

Remembering those moments always brings me happiness, reminiscing how life with my mother was then. It has been years since I have tasted snake meat and wish I could eat it again soonest or someday but that experience is something I will never forget. It made my childhood days more fascinating and wonderful.

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Thanks for your time reading. Looking forward to your interaction.


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It reminded me of my first experience too . I thought it was chicken meat,.but actually snake meat..
I was young, my father and uncles made fun of me.. it's tasty though. It was cooked with coconut milk ... At least, I was able to taste an exotic food haha

Hahaha. I can know if it's a snake meat now because it is always different. So tasty and I didn't know one can use coconut milk to prepare it. That combination will taste more delicious 😋
Yea. Snake meat is exotic. Hehehe
Happy Sunday, Jane.


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Snake ke? Never! Those crawling animals scare the shit out of me. How can I eat something I'm very scared of?!

As for pig, I tasted it once and I'll never try that again. I spent the next 1 hour after eating pork spitting in every damn corner of the house. Had to go wash my mouth before I was relieved.

Hahaha. Do you know I get scared seeing them crawl around? Hahaha 😆 the way I hate seeing them is the more I love eating the meat. Lol

Eating the meat of Snake 😱😱. I never imagine myself tasting it anytime in my life. As you have tasted it already you need to do snake dance as punishment 🤣. !LOL

Which side of the chicken has more feathers?
The outside.

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I smile reading your comment especially the last part. You want me to do snake dance? 🤣🤣🤣

I used to watch out for snakes around the area and when I came across any, I quickly call the guys around my area and they would kill it

I didn't know why I was laughing when I read this 🤣😂
You literally became a snake hunter😂 why do I sense like you are someone that like meat 😉

Snake meat ahhh, never in my life o😂😂, but you see dog meat Omo I stand firm!!

Hahaha. You also find snake meat weird? Another person on the list 🤣🤣

Very very weird

Unbelievable 🫢🫢🫢🫢
Princess? Snake ? Oh no....that's terrible 😔 crazy and weird
I can't continue to imagine this story
Wonders shall never end.. eating snake? Haaa
I jump and pass

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 what can I do to convince you that the meat is so delicious and sweet? 😂

Dogs are domesticated animals that have largely become part of the family, so it's quite difficult to see them as food!

Snakes are a different story. Don't get me wrong—I love snakes and am fascinated by them. I wish for them to be protected. Except for a few breeds that we have come to keep as pets—like the corn and ball python—I would probably still consider eating them if I were stuck in the wild and needed sustenance.

Some snakes are invasive, and my conscience tells me it would be okay to eat them.

That being said, I love your childhood story about eyeing snakes and your mother's love for them. Thank you for sharing!


Dogs are domesticated animals that have largely become part of the family, so it's quite difficult to see them as food!

In most part of the culture in my country, dog meat is a practice that can never be erased. Aside that, it is also used as a sacrifice to the gods.

In the opposite, I hate to see them but can eat when they are killed and prepared deliciously.

Thank you for taking out time to read my story and leaving a lovely comment 😊

Even though I have never tasted snake meat, I have heard that it is really delicious.

Despite that, I don't see myself eating such meat in the nearest future 😎

😆😆😆 Sis, the meat is so sweet oo. Lol
I also thought I wouldn't be able to eat it until I tasted it then.

My dear, I dash you the sweetness.


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