Encounters With Young Intellectuals

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Whenever I see a child who thinks far more than his or her age or asks some questions, which normally should be asked by adults, I open my mouth shockingly and wonder what kind of child is this. Some children are naturally endowed with greater potential than others and this is always an advantage to them in society because they are always the center of focus and attraction anywhere they may be.

I have witnessed some amazing children with sheer intelligence than the other and all I could do or say was, "Wow, this is wonderful" and would smile and start appreciating the gift in him or her. Children are wonderful but those who display a high level of intelligence are extraordinarily wonderful. I remember when I was a very young girl and during my primary school years, there was this girl of my age who we lived together in the same compound, her name — Loveth, which I can never forget. She was such a beauty to behold and of course, with so much intelligence.

Her intelligence lies in everything and there was this part that amazed me then. She was so good at knowing the exact time of the day just by observing the weather. She would look up and when it's cloudy, dark or bright, she knows what time it was. Every child looked at her in surprise, even adults too because no one had ever seen a child with such intellectual ability before.

Another sweet child I have seen and watched her intelligence is @olawalium's daughter, Darasimi. I used to say, what a wonderful child he is blessed with. That little girl has a level of reasoning that I just want to keep watching her display her amazing abilities as her Dad keeps posting it on his status. There was a video I watched where a girl as small as she was then, I think at age 2 or less (correct me if I am wrong, KP 😊) was seen licking some biscuits instead of eating them. Her father asked, "Dara, is that how they eat biscuits?" Guess what? She responded with, "Daddy, I am licking it".

That response got me laughing and I said, "Of course, she knows biscuits are meant to be eaten."* The biscuits had some butter spread on them and I believe she only wanted to lick the butter and not eat them. So, her father was trying to make her know that the biscuits should be eaten but this sweet girl knew what she was doing.


Children can be funny with their responses sometimes and that is to show you how intelligent they are. They know some things and how they should be done and when an adult is trying to teach them, they make you understand that they know what they are doing and just want to do what they want to do. Some display amazing skills that you will only be left in shock and awe, and before you know it, you will want to pray for such a child and his or her intelligence skill.

Some are born naturally that way while some through observation and being curious to try new things display some interesting activities that are beyond their reasoning. This is why I don't stop a child when he or she is trying to get answers to some things and how they are just like this little girl of 2 years old in my neighbourhood who came to visit me and was playing with my torchlight. She kept staring at the light on it and being curious about it. I know she was trying to check how the light came out by switching the button on and off continuously. She kept trying it and it got to a point, where she wanted to dismantle the torch to find its source but had to stop her. Lol

Another time I watched her intelligence was when she sang almost all the songs from the Cocomelon channel on YouTube. I watched her in surprise at how she focused her attention on my phone and singing along to the songs. How did a little girl know all these songs offhand? It amazed me and made me conclude that she would be a fast learner and one with a high level of intelligence quotient.

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Thanks for your time reading. Looking forward to your interaction.


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The level of intelligence of some of these kids can be underestimated sometimes. They are very observant. They take note of all the happenings around them. I love intelligent kids.

Yes oo. And when you never think they can do something, they do it and one would be left shocked as you weren't expecting such. These kinds of children know how to surprise someone with the amazing gift.

Yea, I agree with you
There are many kids these days that would wow you with their extraordinary performances

They are everywhere and I love having experience with them.

Kids with really sharp minds are great to hangout with, you can learn a lot by just observing them, at least that's what I like to do lol.

Yes. I love to be around them too to enjoy more from what they can deliver amazingly.

this is really a new and surprising thing for me that girl can tell exact time by just seeing the weather! Wow

It was so surprising to me then too as I have never seen such thing.

Intelligent children are always fun to be with ❤❤ I enjoyed reading this post.

Popped in via Dreemport, always an awesome #dreemerforlife.

Thank you, sis 😘

It's a pleasure.

Children these days are reincarnated ancestors that refused to get all their memories wiped 🤣😂.

If you see what my own is using my eye to see?? telling me about mommy I know what I'm doing 😂.

The other day my mommy was complaining bitterly of how she's too opinionated and too young to have rights.

I just told my mom dey play, just dey play 😂🤣

came in from #dreemport, #dreemerforlife

telling me about mommy I know what I'm doing 😂.

😆😆😆 when did you arrive the world? I am here before you.. this is what I will tell that child 🤣🤣 but seriously, these kids are wiser than their age and I usually love to hang around them to be wowed and even laugh because they will always make joke out of it too.

Exactly, never a sad or dull moment with them. 😅

These day's children are so special and profound, fun to be with and so intelligent. I enjoyed your post!


Yes, they are and I cannot get bored around them. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment behind.

You're welcome.

As a teacher, I love working so well with those set of kids. They make teaching easier.

And another thing is that, as adults, we need to be careful of the things we say or do around them because, they can easily pick those things up.

Yes. Children easily imitate what the adults do as they are beautiful observers. So, we should be careful. Thank you.

Intelligent kids are such a beauty to hold. One just wonders how they have such level of intelligence and understanding at such tender age.

Yea. My thought every time I meet a child with such intellectual ability.

Haha I laughed when she said she was licking it instead of eating it, she’s right though
Children of these days eh, the least mistake and they are disgracing you anyhow, making you question yourself 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Hahaha 😆 just be careful not to make mistakes around them. They believe you should know everything 🤣