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There's no doubt that AI has flooded the ICT industry, I mean robots can now make the best graphics designs, and the best websites, and they can even write the best books and tell the best stories. They can open the best sales funnel by writing the best sales copy, and create the best pictures and all, but one thing they can't do is create something that has never existed. I've seen how much competition there is in the industry I am in now as we now have to compete with robots who make fewer mistakes than us. So if we must survive in my industry, we need to learn not just how to do the job, but also how to use the robots doing the jobs.

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I was lazy about writing a full script for my theater team some months back, so I decided to see if Chat Gpt could assist me in writing a beautiful piece. It did write a very good story after I poured out all ideas, but when I delivered it, alongside the incomplete story I had, my original incomplete story was preferred to the one chat gpt wrote. I felt bad for being lazy because I could have put in the work and finished my script, but I chose what I thought was the easy way out. When I got home that day I sat to read everything chat gpt did again and I saw that the story was good, but it lacked emotions. I can't blame the AI, because it can only try to have emotions from what we give it.

This made me understand that the robots need us as much as we need them. They are practically useless without an expert handling them. The difference between us (humans) and these robots is that no matter how they copy our humor and try to understand humanity they will always lack the creative emotions humans have. For example, if an AI is finding a problem difficult today, it would still find that problem difficult tomorrow unless a program is updated in its chip to help it understand. But give one problem to us humans continuously and we will figure out a way by ourselves even with little or no help. We will just keep on trying until we figure it out. It might take time, but we will eventually.

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When I understood this, I stopped being scared of losing my job to AI. Instead, I now strive to be better at my job and sharpen my creativity which is the one thing I would always have over these robots. These robots are beneath me if I know how to handle them and when I do, I will become even more a major asset In my industry. Today at work my boss called me and asked how I now know the things I said I didn't know at the time of my employment, and I told him it's because I learn every day, I take up new challenges and eventually become better than I was yesterday.


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This is beautifully said. Robots need us as much as we need them but one frightening thing with these new robots is is they are trained to learn from mistakes and difficulties. Just like they have a human brain.

Nonetheless, those who are good at their jobs would always be retained.

They are there to make us a more perfect version of ourselves when they learn from our mistakes. but at the end of the day we will just evolve and become more creative and find more flaws they should improve on and the cycle goes on and on

I agree with you, the place of emotions cannot be incorporated into robots (at least, so far that I am aware) and such is the limitations they have, taking over our works

Yeah right... You can give a robot a brain, it is impossible to give it a conscience

Very true words

I am on the side of the fence that AI is a great tool to have rather than something to fear. I agree with your article completely. the first two three lines which you paraphrase on what people say is the crux of the issue if you ask me.
| I mean robots can now make the best graphics designs, and the best websites, and they can even write the best books and tell the best stories.

When people hear the above they feel defensive immediately. They start worrying and look at tools as an enemy. But it is just a tool. And just like it can make so called best stuff it can make trash also. Essentially all it is, is an aide you have with you all the time. And if such a help can greatly increase your use of your time all the more better.

At the end of it all people who are talking so much with each other on the rights and wrongs are wasting their time, unless they are in a position to actually make a difference. For eg. consider how much good art @shadowspub has already created using AI, while people are wasting time bickering about whether AI art is real :)

At work too I am evangelizing that people use AI to their advantage in Software. At the end of the day using AI is going to be like using an IDE soon.

Good essay, made me write a lot :D Cheers from a fellow #dreemerforlife

Oh you have rightly spoken. We need to start training our minds and developing our skills. Yesterday I watched a video of how some footballers now train to be better with robots.

Robots exposes their weaknesses so they can improve on it, and so is it for all of us

Great perspective @klvnrex. I believe we need to be wary of how AI can be abused, but there is also a lot of room for us to use AI to our advantage to improve our lives. AI will never be able to feel as humans feel and to share that experience as fully as it needs to be shared.

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I'm glad you agree with my perspective... But this doesn't mean that we should also become dependent on them that is when they make us disadvantaged