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Development is a process which will never end. Because of that reason in every case, there always exists the possibility to develop more. Maybe for that, we try to develop as much as we can to reach near perfection as we know perfection can never be achieved.

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In my recent post, I shared that it's the 100th week of the Hive Learners community contest and it's the 3rd and last edition of the 100th week. We crossed a long journey and over time many things have developed or improved and the community now belongs to one of the best communities that exist in this Hive platform. In this last edition of the 100th week, we were asked for suggestions, and as an early member, I think I should share my thoughts related to it.

To be honest it's one of the most difficult to suggest something from my side because most of the criteria to be the best community already exist here. After thinking a lot I found two things to suggest. And today I am here to share about about it.

We all know that Lazy Panda is the official curation account of the Hive Learners community. In my early days, I used to track the voting power of Lazy Panda. And I used to calculate a lot of things maybe it's because I love to calculate😅. I noticed that Lazy Panda's voting power dropped nearly 80 percent many times. For easy calculation let's assume the vote value of the current time is 10$ and my post curates with 50% vote when the voting power is 100%. I that time I would receive an equal upvote of 5$ in my post. Let's make the same calculation in the time of having voting power at 85. In that case, if I receive 50% of upvotes I get an equal upvote of 4.25$. In the second case, the upvote value was reduced by 75 cents which is huge in my eyes. And in the case of new users, it's a significant amount.

In that case, I want to suggest upvoting in a time of having high voting power. It will be very good for the users and for getting good curational rewards for the lazy panda both. As they need to upvote many authors and it's not easy to upvote everyone in the time of having the voting mana at 100% but I think trying to maintain it above 90% can be a very good option considering many situations. I think taking a break at the time when it gets close the 90% and restarting upvoting when the voting mana increases. They can restart it from where they stopped. I don't know if there are any complexities in following that kind of system. I think the activity time of admins and moderators may play a role in this case.

Engagement is the key and most of the users love to do it. I feel appreciating top engagers based on their quality could be a good thing. Every month giving a small reward to the top 5 engagers will be able to inspire others to do qualitiful engaging. And the quality engagement inspires authors to continue writing and giving their best.

That's the 2 things that came to my mind and I think no more ideas will come because I think most of the criteria have already been achieved. It's not necessary to apply the mentioned things to cross the another 100 weeks. I believe with the current system It can go another 100 weeks easily.

If you think that I violated any rules of this platform or my word hurting you or I made any mistakes here , let me inform about it through comments or my other social network . I will try to correct it if I made any mistakes.

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Good suggestions! I noticed also the voting power problem as well but yeah it is difficult to manage that i think in their end! About the engagement idea it is awesome i didn’t think about that!!!

I think time management can be issues in case of voting mana. Engagement idea came to my mind after thinking 30 minutes without doing anything. I believe no more ideas I can bring otherwise I would write the post tomorrow. Fortunately, you liked the idea and I feel good to hear that.
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You are right, For Example: those who receive upvotes first receive five dollars of 50% and those who receive upvotes later, the value of upvotes is reduced to some extent. And maybe that's not right

It's not about right or wrong. I don't see anything wrong with current system but I feel the mentioned system may be better. That's it.

Wow, you really kept tab of he lazy panda account. Hehe.

I didnt know you knew how to solve maths until now. Lol But what you said is actually correct though.

I used to check in the past. Not now. But today I checked it again as I was writing about it. 😅


This is cool though

Yeah I understand the voting power thing too... But I think it will be more better of lazy panda to have more than one curation account because the community is getting bigger

It would be good but where to bring new one? Moreover I think the vote value of Lazy panda will be increased for curation reward in the future days.

Yeah it would

About The upvote calculations, I think they are trying their best on it but can't be perfect.

Rewarding engagers are what we did before by curating their comments but it stopped at a point. Good that you raised this point.. perhaps it would be revisited
Nice ideas

I know they are trying their best and I never doubt on them 😅. I am just suggesting. And you know everyone is expert in giving suggestions 🤣. !LOL

I think rewarding in comments now is a little bit tough because it may decrease the vote. So I suggested to just giving reward in the end of a month like HIVE/HP/HBD. It won't affect the voting mana

Exactly, it may decrease the vote.. monthly reward in hive or whatever token looks fine

Don’t you hate it when someone answers their own questions?
I do.

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I enjoyed your suggestions, you know hive learners is amongst the communities with many authors on hive, if am not mistaken,and the days for the prompt is two days, I think for lazy panda to wait until it's voting power reaches 90% or 100% might be an extra work as post would pile up waiting for upvotes and again, I don't know if you noticed that once a post crosses 24hours it seldom gets curated again. Probably its the reason why lazy panda curates even if the power drops, so that everyone will atleast get curated.

I also enjoyed the aspect of appreciating top engagers, these days engagement is something people find very difficult, we are humans, if we noticed that top engagers are appreciated, everyone would love to put in more effort in the aspect of engagement, so that they would also benefit.

thanks for sharing this with us. I stand to be corrected sir🥰

I know after 24 hours voting value decrease but that means 24 hours available. Instead of it I think it's possible. If curation occurs some hours interval it may work well. Same amount of post will be curated and same voting power will be used but maintain it above 90. But in that case moderators need to be active a lot. !PIZZA

I understand your point much better, it will be possible but the stress on moderators will be much heheh

Hmm.. bahut sahe baat kahe hai bhai, but I think this is only possible when there are a few users 😅. But can be possible there are a lot for things can be done to make this possible let's hope for the best. .

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I believe it's possible but curators need to give a lot of time and It's not so easy. Because curators are also humans and they have their offline life. I hope in the future it will be possible.

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Yay! 🤗
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Thank you ☺️.

I understand your mana point but Intishar it is pretty hard to maintain it upto 90. The level of activity is far too high, and they strive to support all the members. You might have noticed that they reduce the percentage of the vote. I am sure they do it keep the mana upto a threshold while voting all the entrants.

With regard to engagement, I reckon with you.

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Yes, I can understand the difficulties. But still I feel it's possible. Suppose currently the vote value of Lazy Panda is 91 and want to curate me and and 2 others with 100% and the vote value may come to 85% and after that Lazy Panda will take 12 hours break to regenerate voting power which approximately reach 95%.

Let's see it from my prespective. Instead of voting me in that time Lazy Panda taken a break for 6 hour and the voting power will increase to 96% and again. It gave 3 people 100% vote and decrease it to 90 and again take the break for 6 hours and in that 6 hours it will go back to 95% again. Time duration is the same but nobody received vote below 90. I just showed an example.
In this case there is a difficulty and it is it mean and moderators need to be work more actively in different different times.

I will appreciate how Lazy Panda try to encourage others even it dropping voting power
Hehe. No more math for today 😅.

I got your perspective. People doing the curation for the project may tell better how feasible the idea is for them.

Well, thanks for the Maths hehe

I think I will support the suggestion of have more curation accounts. If the writing topics in the community are posted weekly, it would be easier to follow the template that you suggested. However, having to write thrice a week and another creative activity on Sunday, it may be near impossible to wait for 90% voting value before curation.

I love your suggestion regarding rewarding top engagers. It will put everyone on their toes.


Haha I kept on laughing
Maybe it’s because you were a curios newbie and that’s why you kept tabs on Panda’s account 😂


I was really surprised reading that you do calculate vote percentages, wow. Well I'm not in the community yet so don't really know how it works.


Since I am so new, much of this went waaayyy over my head, but that is ok! I will get there.

There are a lot of good writers and engagers in HL community .. I just hope that there'll be more curators who'll support it aside from Lazy Panda..

I wondered though how those big whales maintain their voting value despite the change of voting mana after upvoting different posts in a day? For instance, appreciator gives 8% and it always has a $12 upvote, that value doesn't change despite the number of posts he upvoted..
Maybe it is just applicable to big whales, or probably can be changed in the upvoting settings..


I also hope to see more curators aside Lazy Panda.
According to my past observation (as I used to check always in the past 😅) I never seen appreciator's voting power below 90. And I feel they still maintenance the same strategy. The bigger the curator's vote value, the bigger the difference can be if voting power drops. I think I used to do all calculation for my account also. So in rare cases you can see my vote value came down below 92% unless I am going to face a busy day in the next day. Although It doesn't create huge difference for me but I am practicing it from now.


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