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Each human is unique, and the uniqueness comes from a variety of thoughts. Because of the variations, personalities become different. Having a difference in preference, like, dislike, or taste is very natural. At the same time, there are many similarities as well. Today I am not going to discuss it, but I will discuss three traits I dislike.

Telling lies is a very bad human habit, and most people can't resist themselves from telling a lie. Even people lie to others for meaningless reasons. I think they're used to it, and that's the problem. There are some kinds of lies, but among them, I hate two kinds of lies. Telling lies to wake me up from sleep and telling lies about location keep me waiting. When I am waiting for someone and they choose to lie about their current location, I feel angry, but I don't express it in front of anyone but I dislike it a lot. I find my anger at its peak when someone lies to me to make me awake from sleep. One of the relatives where I stayed for more than 6 years for my study purpose used to do the thing with me. As a result, I also used to wake up late, and after waking up, I used to reply that I woke up exactly at the time she mentioned me to awake. It was kind of cold revenge, and she used to be speechless because she had no logic to defend herself.

Time is the most precious and I always try to make the best use of it. My time management system is quite accurate, and I am very disciplined in that case. I don't generally delay. But every time, it doesn't fully depend on me because I need to depend on others several times. So sometimes I need to wait a little bit more for others. Waiting a little bit is not an issue, but when someone takes too much time and I need to wait for a long time, it makes me angry a lot. I really hate those people for whom my plan disrupts. I really hate to wait for someone. It gives me the feeling that those people don't care about my time. I think they have no right to do such a thing. Most of the time, I execute my work without them. That kind of action makes me furious. If they apologize to me, then I may consider forgiving them; otherwise, I try to keep my distance from such people because they make me slow. I just try to avoid them.

I am such a person who loves freedom. And when someone tries to force me, I feel very bad and angry. I don't like to be dominated by anyone. If anyone tries to dominate me, I try to respond or resist it immediately. The person who tries to dominate must pay the price for the action. In fact, as a reaction, I tried to dominate that person rather than being dominated. I think it's better to dominate someone rather than being dominated by them. I think they deserve it. To be honest, I feel angry even when my parents try to dominate me. They know me pretty well, and they also know that they can do nothing by dominating because I don't do anything in such a situation.

As I said like and dislike can be different based on person to person. Whatever I don't like can be liked my others.


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We are both the same here. I hate to be delayed because I love being time conscious. If I don't delay others, then they shouldn't do that to me. Some will lie about their location and keep you waiting for long, it saddens me.
Also, I am someone who likes to do things willingly and not being forced to. Most times, I would insist on not doing something when I am being forced to just to send the message that I am not one to be forced or coerced. I value my freedom.

Hehe. It seems we have many similarities. But in my case I don't wait for anyone for too long. After crossing certain time limit I don't wait for anyone.I think I shouldn't waste my time for others.

Yes. When it's getting too long, I leave and by then, I wouldn't be blamed but the other person.


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My time issue is a bit biased. I don't like being kept waiting. Like, I hate coming too early to things because it would mean I have to wait for it to start. I like things starting as I get there.
So, this tends to make me a bit late from time to time.🤣 But most of the time, I always turn up on the hour. That very hour we're meant to start, that's usually when I come. Although it's not always like that.
I'll have to do better, I guess.

If I were your friend I wouldn't wait for you to start anything. One of my best friends become late most of cases. I set a last time for him and I make it clear that if he becomes late I won't wait for him even for 10 seconds. I don't love to waste my time for anyone. Thankfully you are not my offline friend otherwise I would made you punctual. 😅

For important things like exams, interviews and the like, I always go on time.
I only go late when I feel I can get away with it. It's really a bad habit.🤧