Mixing Business With Emotions,😭😭😭

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Business is something that have to do with passion. I said so because when you don't have passion for a thing it will be difficult for it to work out so well.

There is always a mix feeling that comes especially from family members because most families want there own to do well as ones well being will be a big pride to them. When I relocated newly to my husband's place, it was not so easy for to get something doing. Initially I was thinking of getting a government job then add a business so I will not have to wait to the end of the needs to sort my daily needs. Coming on ground was another reality altogether, most of the work that was handy was to work with a private institute. Comparing the take home every month and the stress there was no way of comparison.

In all I just have to take that bold step to start up a business after all I already have some skills already. Then I began to produce popped corn and peanut, I went on marketing around the town. So I was able to have a good number of shops that I supply my products too. A bag of pop corn don't last more than two weeks with me because people really loved my packaging and all that.

Shortly after I began the business there comes my family with their suggestions. They said I should go and rent a shop because going out daily will enable more persons to know what I do and I can include other things in the shop. I never wanted that but as this input kept coming I had no option than to dance to the music. Well, nothing changed so much except that I had to add fabrics and honey to the shop but my custom range didn't improve.

This idea was not the best for me because after a while the light was so messy which didn't allow me flow in my popped corn business so much. I had to wait for the light to be restored before production and most times I stay in shop late into the night. My family and everything was affected badly.

One of the days after I came hope from the market with assorted fabrics, thieves visited my shop and packed all. This happened twice and I lost interest in the, my husband never wanted that but I went for the option because that was the best for me at the moment. My family members got worried and wanted me to return to the shop which I opted out.

There care meant so much to me because it's not good for a woman to stay home without anything doing. At that point I had to keep my cool as I look for a good way forward. Taking business motivation from loved ones is good but we just need to think through to check if it's the perfect thing to do. There views is on a suggestion basis but taking final decision is left for us to make. Every environment is peculiar such that we know what will work and what will not work in them. So considering these realities is better than allowing sentiment to becloud our true sense of judgement. Ever since then I have not heard any reason to regrate my decisions as it pays more for me.

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Here come the end of my story. Thank you so much for staying with me, see you some other time. My entry for the hive learners contest week #103 edition 1



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Sometimes when you listen to family opinion concerning your business, you may end up going into trouble with that business. We also have time when their advice helps us alot.
Thanks for sharing and I hope that I can come for my popcorn later. Hahaha 😂

That's it, it's just check the opinions properly... thanks for stopping by

You are so lucky to have an amazing family that want to see your business thrive. The truth is family are just like friends, they can either make you or mar you. Some people succeed in their businesses because of their family, other crashed for the same reason.

Sorry about your experience in the business, hope everything is going well now?

Sorry about your experience with thieves, it's really disheartening when things like that happen.

Getting the shop turned out to be a bad idea but if we look deeply, your family wanted progress for you but things just didn't turn out as expected.

No doubt about what you said, business should be done with passion as whatever you don't have passion for you cannot do perfectly.

When we start a business we have to identify with it, we have to like it, we can take suggestions from family and friends, and take into account what we think is favorable to us. What happened to you with the thieves I think it was a coincidence, do not be discouraged.

I hope your business goes well now.
It was interesting reading this experience