Fusing The Old And New Way Of Life.

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Reincarnation is one of the topics that stirs the air whenever it comes up, the belief about people being reborn sounds unrealistic to some people while some believe that humans can be reborn after death. When asked about my take on reincarnation, I just try to avoid such discussion because it's complicated.

When I was very young, I believed so much in reincarnation. My younger brother was named Babatunde(Father has returned) because he was born a few days after my grandfather died, it didn't make any sense to me but my mom was convincing enough to make me believe that people can be reborn. There are several tales about reincarnation, a lot of people make this assumption when a newborn has something in common with a deceased family member forgetting that we pass on genes from generation to generation which makes it possible for a newborn to have something similar to a deceased person.

Science, Religion and culture have different opinions about these things but still no one is sure since babies don't come with the memory of the deceased. There is no proof of incarceration but we live in a world where nothing is impossible. A lot of people mistake incarnation for “Living Wraith” known as Akudaya in the Yorubaland. Living wraiths are people who have died but are found living somewhere else, they are not reincarnated.

Regardless of what we think, the Hive Learners first prompt for the week puts me in a situation where reincarnation is possible and the good thing is that I can decide where to be born and others.

It will be a cool thing to be reborn but with my memories if incarnation exists because that's the only thing that can prove that a person was reborn. If I were reincarnated, there are a few things I would want to change about my first life while there are things I would leave as it is.

Life is really unpredictable and we can't be too sure of what the future would look like but it's better to at least make an effort than do nothing. The changes I would make don't guarantee me the best life but it should be better.

Returning to the life I am living now isn't a problem because I am happy. My health and conscience are in good shape, I haven't lost my connection with humanity and my relationship with God is good. I might not have money or properties at the moment but will surely have them. Life is short really but I can still make a lot of things happen within that short time.

I could have chosen an easy life but my first life has taught me the importance of working hard to achieve things. It's okay for life to be of happiness and sadness, we will win and lose but as long as we don't give up, things will definitely fall in place for us. Life comes with different challenges so whether I am extremely rich or not, there will always be struggles.

I will retain my gender, being a male is awesome even though it comes with lots of challenges that I am willing to take again. If it didn't break me in my first life, it won't do in my second.

I was born into a beautiful family but life happened along the line and it really affected us. Regardless of all that we experienced as a family, we survived together. I want to be reborn into this same family. I want my parents and siblings because they are the best gift life gave to me, they love me genuinely and what more can I ask for?

Being born in Nigeria is the first change I will make, it would be unreasonable of me to still choose this country. Although, every country has their challenges but Nigeria is something else. This isn't about inflation anymore, the lives of the masses don't mean anything to the people in power and the masses are being trampled on terribly. The government have failed the people and the people have failed themselves as well.

The death of the musician named Mohbad has been on every blog headline since last week. Before his death, he faced lots of challenges and consulted the police but they did nothing because the people in power were dealing with him. As it stands, his death could be linked to a government agency. Despite the noise and demand for justice, the government hasn't taken a step to look into his case.

The height of injustice has grown beyond normal and I won't deny that it affects my mental health a lot. I might not be affected today though but who knows tomorrow? I have three male siblings and do not know where life would take them. Being reborn to Nigeria wouldn't happen because I have seen the future and nothing will get better.

It still hurts that I can't pursue education like I thought I would, I missed opportunities in life because of that and hope the next life doesn't happen that way. In conclusion, I want my relationship with God to be better than it is now

All these changes would have a great impact on me if reincarnation is possible and until then, I have to enjoy this one life because getting another is not certain.


Hmmm, while growing up too , my parent made me believe so too , it kind of crazy to me , I see it as superstition. But some still believe in it well that is their opinion

I don't believe it's true, we can't change whether it is true or not. It's a process beyond human understanding.

It seems Nigerians do not want to be a citizens of Nigeria in their next life, The government has failed its people in every way

They have failed us, we keep seeing evidence every day and it doesn't look like they will ever stop. Moreover, they have planted their evil seeds in the coming generation and that's really disheartening.

As I don't wish to be in this country in my next life because a lot is happening here in this country that I don't like
How can a criminal be the ambassador and yet the government has nothing to say to that.

Well I would rather be in a country that has firm law and treat citizens equally than being in a country where criminal are the ones ruling the innocent people.

Lolz, Nigeria is not the only place where shit is going down but the government not being responsive is a very serious problem. They fold their arms because they are part of the game, things are pretty messed and no one would love to stay truly.

Pakistan is no different than Nigeria. No justice. They have imprisoned the most influential and famous man of the country, Imran Khan. And he is unable to get himself out of the hands of injustice.

Corrupts have got all the relief and enjoying their lives abroad.

I'm thinking after reading some article that condition of Nigeria and Pakistan are almost same 😕

The two countries are going through a lot, it's really disheartening.

Yeah, they are.

Nigeria and Pakistan are on the top of the list of highest number of out of school children

It's really disheartening to know that evil has taken over the world completely, the good ones are being silenced and sent to their early grave.

I don't know why but corruption has eaten deep into our system, people will go to any length to hide their sins and the innocent become victims every day.

I pray all the oppressed find justice in the world one day. Thanks a lot for your contribution.

Prayers are what we ca do

Same situation we faced in our country too and maybe these are change but only in my dreams 🧐

Changes won't happen anytime soon because those who push for it always end up behind bars or lose their lives.

Omo... With the way I'm looking at it, you won't even wait for reincarnation to japa!😂
Honestly, it's not easy at all. We see so much injustice and it hurts us that we can't do anything about them. So we just run. Because that's the only way to save our lives.

Japa is the next thing ooo, a lot of things is happening here and only God knows who the next victim is.

I avoid anything that has to do with news because of the situation of the country, it's really annoying.

The subject of reincarnation could be complex because it cut across the believe system of an individual.

Wow it appears you wouldn't want to reincarnate to Nigeria because of so many factors you outlined.

Very good write up and I look forward to reading more

Hahaha 😂😂😂, I pity Nigeria as a country if reincarnation is made possible by many and we got to make our choice country. Indeed, it's no pleasant with people over here in Nigeria
A better country would be my choice as well..good to know that you have amazing family... precious gift indeed

Honestly, everyone is fed up. This has nothing to do with inflation because a lot of country as going through the same.

The level of insecurity has grown from having bandits to the government taking down people to cover their dirty tracks. I am not proud of Nigeria anymore, a lot will still happen and God knows who is next.

Yay! 🤗
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I don't believe in reincarnation.
But some people do tell the story of people reincarnate.

I don’t know if I believe in Reincarnation or not. I like to read stories around it but I have no personal inhibitions about it. If it were to be real, I am sure I would take the opportunity to leave this country as well.

Came in through Dreemport

Where do you think you are running to, Nigeria we stay and die here😂, if you leave who would better the country. If I eventually reincarnate I want to stay in as an anime character and live peaceful. Weird right.😊😊 From #dreeport

It seems that terrible things are happening in Nigeria. If I too were reborn and could choose, I wouldn't choose Latin America either.

Here corruption is completely terrible and democracy is easily manipulated when it comes to an ignorant people who choose their leaders poorly. We always choose thieves disguised as saviors, it's a shame, so I understand you very well, friend.


Its a charm about mohbad, thought he died from an health issue, first am hearing he is going through some government problems,

Anyways we all have something to learn from our current lives untill we learn the lessons involve for our spiritual growth am reincarnation will keep occuring

The guys case is really complicated, a lot of videos are popping up and it's a shame that the government aren't responding.

They think it will end as it has always happened, they are wrong.

Hmmm well i wont be surprised if it all ends without anything happening remember we are in Nigeria were things gets slept under the carpet

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