7 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid As A Beginner

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If you've just started as a blogger on Hive but aren't sure where to begin, this post is for you. I've compiled the top seven mistakes I see new bloggers make all the time. You can avoid them to up your game.

Because if you don't know what NOT to do, how will you know WHAT TO DO?

So grab your favorite drink and get ready to learn some tricks!

Getting Afraid To Make Mistakes

Yep, that's the first one. Getting afraid to make mistakes is the biggest mistake we all do as a newbie in any new field. They are the best teachers. Don't be afraid of being candid about your them as a newbie blogger. Everyone makes them - even the big-league bloggers who write for The Huffington Post 😂

If we can all be honest with ourselves about our failures (and successes), then no one has an excuse not to start their blogging journey with the full blown mode.

Not Establishing A Niche For Your Blog

"What is a niche?" you ask. Good question! It's the same as it sounds: A niche is like a special area of interest that you focus on when blogging, in order to build an audience around your specific topic.

For example, let's say that you're interested in cooking and baking—you love experimenting with new recipes and sharing them on social media. If you suddenly start publishing blogs about finance, would anyone read it? Probably not! In order to build up an audience around that subject matter alone, you do need to focus on one or a set of correlated niches.

You can also touch upon two different niches at once but don't overdo it. You don't want your one set of audience to wait for long while entertaining the other set. My niches are content creation and crypto. So I try to keep both audiences warm with the content they like.

Not Writing About What You Love

I know you want to be a blogger. You love writing, and it seems like the perfect way to share your ideas with the world. That's awesome! But why are you blogging? Because you think it would be cool? Because your mom said you should? Or do you have some sort of burning passion for this subject that drives you to write about it every day, even when no one else is reading?

I get dopamine when I write about crypto, finance & content creation. Firstly I write for myself and then comes the audience. Call me selfish but that's how it is. If I am not passionate about it, I won't do it for 5 years.

Thinking Of Blogging As Only A Hobby

Many bloggers make the mistake of thinking that blogging is just a hobby, and thus they don't put in the time and effort necessary to create an income from it. While it's true that many bloggers enjoy blogging because they like writing or are passionate about a topic, there are also plenty who blog as a business or for personal gain—and if you're one of those people, then you're already thinking like a professional!

As we go on in this article, think about how each piece of advice will help your blog to earn more so you can take it seriously and act accordingly.

Blogging Without Goals

You, too, could be the next success story. Just follow these simple steps:

Write down your goals. This is important because it's easy to forget what you're doing when you have no tangible way of seeing them. Writing them down gives you a visual reminder of what exactly it is that you want to accomplish while blogging and forces you to commit yourself to their completion. They don't have to be big—they just need to be specific enough for someone else (and yourself) who doesn't know anything about your blog. I have Hive Power and Leo Power Goals. I also have goals about the number of blogs I want to publish every month.

Review them regularly—at least once per week at first, then maybe less frequently as time goes on if things start coming together nicely! It's good practice and will keep the momentum going even when things get slow or stale around here. This way there are no surprises when we revisit our goals later on down the road.

Not Utilizing Visuals In Your Blogs

One of the most important things you can do to make your blog posts more effective is to use visuals.

I know, I know—this sounds about as groundbreaking as “always say please and thank you.” But hear me out! Using images in your posts can do a lot for you. It can enhance your content by adding visual elements, making them more visually appealing. Visuals break up the text so readers don’t get bored with one big block of text, make your content more shareable on social media platforms like Pinterest (where people love to share pretty pictures), and even help search engines find your blog post when someone searches for keywords related to those visuals.

Poor Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling

When you start blogging, it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of sharing your stories with people. However, you must make sure that your writing is free from mistakes. If there are any errors in your content, it may distract readers from what you are trying to say. This can lead to their trust in your blog being damaged and them not wanting to read future posts on the topic anymore. It’s important that all content is clear so people can understand what you mean when they read it. That's why my writing is so simple. I don't use long sentences unless I really need to.

Make use of a spellchecker before posting anything online (or at least check over everything afterwards). Learn about how grammar works so that you don't make too many mistakes when writing articles. If possible use an editor or take help from someone else who has good knowledge of the English language.

Final Note

Hopefully, by now, you’re convinced of the importance of avoiding these seven mistakes when starting a blog on Hive or anywhere in general. Please share your thoughts and feedback below. I love to read all of them! ❤️🔥 See you in the next one.

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You've really nailed the fundamentals.

But with the first point you, it's just like saying it's okay to make the other mistakes you'll point out! 🤣

But a very detailed one, I'm still making some of these mistakes, but I'm figuring things out slowly! Thanks for sharing!

Haha. What I meant by that is you don't worry about making mistakes as a newbie. That shouldn't stop you from trying. Even PROs do them so it's okay. The idea is to keep going and keep learning along the way.

You are most welcome man. And thank you for your comment. Cheers! You will figure it out. ;) Just go step by step.

Newbies, even old writers must read this ..!

Haha. Sure, why not xD Everyone can learn a few things from this. ;)

One of the most important things you can do to make your blog posts more effective is to use visuals.

Agree 100%! Creating significance and impact through compelling images still remains one of the biggest challenges bloggers make every day.

Thanks for this post 😊

Using powerful images is what made me unique from most bloggers out there. It definitely works mate. You are most welcome.

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When it comes to blogs I guess it mentions the niche in which you are skilful. Writing is random but blogging needs full focus, passion and conceptual theme which would the reader not to move their eyes or intention either. Perfectly said, sharing the work, avoiding mistakes and getting attention through visual effects along with the goal settlement makes you an absolute blogger hehe. I wish Instagram allows the feature of sharing links in their posts.

You got it Ayesha. If you are doing it as a hobby then no issues, but if you want to build a large audience and make serious income, then taking it seriously helps!

Don't use instagram. Try @liketu. 😋

Hehe, I have had a decent following on Instagram but can't share the hive post links as Instagram posts have troubleshooting issues for the addition of links hehe.

Some people say establishing a niche for themselves creates a limit to how much they can offer, but I'm always telling them that sometimes one needs a niche to tailor their effort and establish more productivity.

I wish I read this comment two+ years ago. A niche being a limitation is exactly what I've been thinking, and you're right; It has severely impacted both my productivity and my consistency in posting.

That's the way bro!!!

Everything you said matters a lot from niche to visual presentation each and everything connects together to make a blog look something special or unique than others.

As always amazing advice's.
Happy weekend!

Thank you so much bro. Wish you a happy weekend as well. TGIF xD

My pleasure and Thank you bruh😍

TGIF? don't tell me I'll crack (solve) by myself without googling haha.

Thank you very much for this. I've been around for quite a while, doing random write-ups on completely different topics from time to time. But I've never been able to stay consistent with my posting, neither regarding time intervals nor topics. Reading your post it becomes glaringly obvious why; I never established a niche for my blog. Definitely got some thinking/work to do after posting this comment..

It's okay to try out different things. Slowly you will realize what you like and what your audience wants to see. There will be a clash. xD All the best!

I enjoyed reading this and I'm so gonna take the advice to achieve my goals here on Hive.
Thank you

Awesome. Thanks mate and all the best. Crush those goals!

Truth is, right now I am not following the true niche I intended for my blog. I have just been up and down.

You are right about setting goals, it gives one direction and able to monitor one's growth.

One of the things that put me away from reading someone's post is if the sentences are not well structured. I know how this feels that is why I try to pass through every paragraph of my post through a grammar checker, so I can make sure that they are well written and presentable for my readers to understand.

That's totally okay bro. Your niche is lifestyle blogging where you share everything about your life, experiences, fuck ups, and achievements. I see so many people getting inspired by your content.

One of the things that put me away from reading someone's post is if the sentences are not well structured. I know how this feels that is why I try to pass through every paragraph of my post through a grammar checker, so I can make sure that they are well written and presentable for my readers to understand.

That's great strategy. Which app do you use? I use the Grammarly extension and it does a pretty good job.

Great Post!


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Wow, this content is well loaded🤭👌
When you talk about finding our niche, this is a great tip as it helps one not to struggle while creating content. Your areas of interest in blogging make it easier.

Setting goals is like defining our destination and that's superb 👌

Also, poor grammar, spelling, and punctuation, using the GRAMMARLY keyboard can assist with this.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us.
I got value.

Haha. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. Glad that you got value. Just apply these tips and you will definitely see an improvement in content and growth on the platform. All the best.

Thanks a bunch 🥳🤗👍

This article is informative and helpful, I really appreciate you sharing it. You spoke of different mistakes newbies make which I truly relate with but I have one question to ask,
Can search for a betterlife be a person niche?
That is post articles to help you upgrade your standard of living.

Why not? You can talk about many things in that niche:

  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Personal Finance
  • Productivity
  • Mindset
  • Soft Skills
  • Parenting

and sooo on...

Go for it mate.