There's No Brother In Business

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There's No Brother In Business

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The saying "no brother in business" may sound mean until you trivialize it and face the consequences. As much as I am emotional and love to always put family and friends first in everything I do, I have also learned to set limits when it comes to business.

Business is business, if you want your business to thrive, you need to learn how to keep your emotions aside and do the needful.

I was chatting with one of my bosses recently, and he told me something, he said "when you are doing business, even if it's your wife, charge her, give her a higher price than normal, then later tell her the normal one and say it's because of you that I am doing it at this rate, so that she will feel you made a discount for her.

If you give her things cheap, she will forget that you made a discount for her earlier on, when you get home she will still ask you for money, demand you call her, and so on, meanwhile the money is coming from the business."

It sounds funny but that's the truth, if we allow sentiment to come in between our business we will fail. The little discount you are giving out in the name of family and friends isn't going to come back and the same people would be looking forward to you helping them financially subsequently.

I had an eye-opening experience some years back that transformed my life when it came to dealing with people I know in business.

My mom has a little canteen, it's been one of her major source of income. I used to spend most of my time helping her serve food in the shop.

I am someone who has a lot of friends, sometimes they come by and keep me companied in the canteen and it's beautiful. You know you need to treat your visitors right, especially when they come to your place of work.

Sometimes, I give them food for free, no matter their number and other times I don't, because it's business. Gradually, they liked our food and from time to time they patronized us.

You know Friends, they don't like coming to buy food from my mom, they prefer getting it from me. Sometimes after you finish serving them food of let's say 500 Naira, they will end up begging you with 400 Naira, telling you it's all they've got.

Foolish me, I will accept it and smile, sometimes even say "What are friends for?" Gradually it became a habit. Each time my friends come around to buy food, they come with incomplete money and I will keep giving them food at that rate. They don't buy from my sisters or my mom except me so they will get to use their tricks on my compassion.

Little by little, Mom started complaining that she was running at a loss instead of a profit, sometimes even the main capital doesn't even come out at the end of the day. Food doesn't remain but we don't see money.

I knew it was all my fault, so I decided to change my position in the shop, I stopped serving food, and I went into the Washing unit. All I do is wash plates, if you want to buy food go to my mother or sisters. And things changed, it didn't completely go back to the way it was but there was profit coming in at least.

The thing is, if you don't have money, it's not a big deal, I could help you, and I can even buy food for you with my money but trying to act smart by always coming with incomplete money because I am your friend is not nice.

This is why I hate doing business with those I know, once you show them a little favor, they will always be expecting it and whenever you stop it becomes a problem.

Is the experience something I'll be trying again?

Hell no, we will do friends outside, but when it comes to my office, a customer is a customer, whether you are my mother or father, talk less of a friend.

This is where I earn the money I survived on. If I run down today, you will be the same person to tell me I am not serious with what I do. Be a customer when it comes to business and when we are at home, we can do the family and friends things.

A man in my community closed down his shop that used to be one of the hottest provision shops because of giving things out on credit. Ask why he used to give them, and he will say they are people I know, What do you expect me to do? Now that he has gone bankrupt and his business shut down, no one is coming around again. You see the danger of being sentimental in business right?

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Yesss you are correct we should keep our relatives , relationship away from the business.

Exactly, our relationships should be far from our business if not they will crash it

Yeah we should take care of it. Be aware

From your title, I can easily relate, no brother in business if truly you want your business to move forward

My dear, if you put family in business, you will never go far. They will run your business down

The fact is that business is business, we can help someone but not to the extent that it will affect our own business. If you are broke believe me no one will help you. I support everything you said here 💯

Honestly, if we get broke no one will come for us, so it better we keep family away from business.

Everything has its place and a friend who takes advantage of that and our kindness, when it comes to business, is not good. But it is good to clarify that point with friends so as not to have bad moments. Greetings. #dreemerforlife

You are right, we need to put a balance between business and family. Sometimes talking to our friends and family about our business so that they will know their limit will go a long way to help. Thanks for stopping by

It's really a big risk being sentimental in business because it can cause you a lot. You see how your compassion on your friends almost made your mom's shop to be closed down, and those friends acted wickedly, so awful.
A barrier should be set between business and sentiments, no brother in business indeed.


Honestly, a boundary needs to be set.. if the person doesn't have money it's a different issue but trying to act smart is wrong.

I have learned heheh.

Thanks for reading Dreemer 🥰

Truly there is no brother in business, this same thing happened to a cousin of mine and when the business finally folded am his friends disappeared and i learnt from his experience


This is what the end result is always, they lure you to give them things on credit or make discounts that will land you at loss, when the business finally falls, they all run away leaving you stranded

It is a fact that no one is a friend in business. By working hard day and night, one day you can take your business to such a level that it becomes famous in your city. The world gives you due respect.

Thank you so much sir. If we really want our business to prosper, we have to keep boundaries. Some family and friends can be a serious barrier

Most welcome dear.