The Life of a Working Person in our Country is Not Good

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Today's topic is interesting and I am going to share the situation of my country with all of you people who are currently employed here are not happy because once I was employed in the same way and I know. What kind of difficulty is a working person living in? Now the situation has become worse due to inflation. All the people who are working here are the owner of the behavior of his employees.

He was not good at all when we were working together. A very wrong rule has been made here. If a person comes here late, his money is deducted and the person who takes leave is also deducted from his salary. If we see here, other countries. It doesn't happen inside because every human being has constraints, sometimes someone dies,

Sometimes they get married, so the owners must give enough relaxation to the employees so that they can participate in all these events. Here 70 percent of the people of our country are working but none of them are living a prosperous life. Every human being has many problems.


Duty and he is getting 50 dollars a month then it is absolutely wrong and it is not fair in any way and this is how it has been going on here for the last many years people who are employed by anyone. They are forced, they have no other source, so they join this job so that they can get their money.

So that they can support their family but after 12 hours of duty they don't even get enough money to fulfill all the things in the house. When employees comes back from work, after relaxing, he also goes out with his friends, but he does not have enough money, so he lives a troubled life. No one is rewarded and they are always charged more than their salary.

Here if a boy is working and he earns 30 thousand to his boss, then the boss gives him 15 thousand rupees. He will take care of the rest and this system has been running here for a long time. The conditions of our country are getting worse and now people are trying to go to other countries and support their families here.


As for what is going on here, the manager is living a good life and he does not have so many problems and people do not care. Are they working here now. They are very upset because the manager misbehaves with them.

People here think that if we pay someone, he will be our employee all the time and whenever we call him, he will do the work of our house. This is also a wrong system. Even after the shop is closed the boy is called and called to do his housework so I would like to abolish this system altogether if a man works over someone else's shop he has no right to do so.

It should be that when the boy has gone back home after his leave, he should be called for his housework, to do his housework and that boy is tired from working in his shop all day and his after sitting at home for a while, he also comes to do the household chores of his master,


So this is how these boys are abused because most of the people here in our country are not educated and they are forced. They are there to do all the work of their shop owner. People don't do much education here and they send only small children to work, so the shop owner here beats them and the parents don't say anything to him because their son is learning to work.

So I would like to end this system also, all the boys who work here should be respected because they also work hard and work all day and the teacher takes more money, so this system should also end here. It should be and they don't pay the boys at all, they give each boy 500 rupees a week and they take a lot of work from them.

This system should end here and child labor should be stopped here. They send their young children to work in a way that is useless against them. It should have been that people here should also study and write and our country could also develop in the world, but this system has not happened for the last 70-80 years.


It is going on and the situation will continue in the same way because the father cannot earn so much money that he can live a good life for all the members of the whole family, so he gives his children to others. Sends the pass to the job.

The government here does not say anything and all these people who are the parents who send their young children to work, if they are young, they are doing a lot of wrong but they are also forced to do so. If you earn money and run the whole house, it can't be like that now, after working here, a person is earning only 15,20,000, That's the rent of a house here and most people here are poor and their If you don't have your own house,

Then you live on rent and here you can calculate how difficult life is. Is working so that's why he misbehaves with him so much govt here should take strict action against such people who employ young children if all these things change If what I have told you in this post is done, then the conditions of our country here will be quite good.


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