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“Cooking is an art while baking is a science,” said a baking expert.

For cooking we may try adding or omitting ingredients in the recipe. We may change the quantity of ingredients. We may change the sequence. Still something delicious comes out as the end result.

Baking, on the other hand, is different. Addition or omission of a single ingredient may result in destruction of the product.

Moreover, there is a need to be precise about the quantity of each ingredient. For some ingredients like baking soda or eggs even a little variation in the quantity results in poor results.

I have heard of cases where the cake either became too hard or too soft because of the precision not taken into account.

For some time, I have been planning to start baking. My younger one loves cakes a lot especially the chocolate flavour.

A homemade product is always rich in nutrition. Along with other ingredients it acquires a special ingredient, Love 😍.

Before diving into the ocean of baking I wanted to get basic knowledge about this art science.

I watched several videos On YouTube. The most important thing that I found out was the care for precision in the ingredients.

the tools that are generally available for cooking at home are not that accurate for baking.

I don’t want to come up with any nasty experiences in baking. That’s why I decided to buy the required tools.

Here are the products that I have bought

Digital Balance

Some ingredients are not measured in cups but in grams. For such measurements, there is a need of a balance.

I bought this balance from an online store. It cost me Rs. 1000.

It is battery operated. Two AA sized cells are inserted at the back.

It has a LED display screen to show the weight

It measures things in two units, grams and ounce. The minimum limit is 1 gram while maximum is 10k grams. No decimal precision but a whole number.

There is also a tare function in it. So that you can put a pot and tare its weight. Afterwards add the ingredient to it. The resulting weight will be only of the content present in the pot.

About the quality, I would say that it doesn’t seem to be of excellent quality as I expected it by looking at the image.

It is quite light in weight and I have a feeling like a little mishandling would result in its dysfunction. Well, time will tell

Measuring Cups and Spoons

Here is a set of 9 pieces measuring cups and spoons.

There are 5 spoons and 4 cups.

Three spoons provide measurement in teaspoons, quarter, half and one teaspoon. Two spoons are of 1 and half tablespoon.

The cups provide measurement for quarter, half, one third and one cup.

I purchased it from a local market in Rs. 200.

I think, for the price I have bought this set, the quality is good.

Round Stand

I don’t have an OTG (Oven Toaster Grill) or a convection microscope. So I will perform baking on stove, in a cooking pot.

While baking in a pot, the baking pan has to be put a little above the base. For this reason, a stand was required.

It is iron made stand with black coating on it.

I bought it fir Rs. 100 from a local shop.

Baking Pan

The last thing that I bought was baking pan.

It is 7 inch round pan. Neither that big nor that small.

Its price was Rs. 200. The quality of the pan is average. It is okay for a beginner.

Once I acquire some skills, I have a plan to buy pans of different shapes and sizes.

Have I done any baking yet? Not yet. Soon I will do and then will share the results with my Hive family 😃.

Wish me good luck ☺️.


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Images are taken by me via my mobile.


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It seems you bought a lot of things. In my case, I can't remember when I bought something from online. In fact, I have doubts that I bought anything online at any time.

I also not prefer online shoping. However, when the products are not locally available, online is an option to avail.

Thanks for stopping by

I think you really prepared to embark on this journey of baking. As for me, I tried in the past but lost interest yet I wish I can sisters does anyway and my kids love all these bakery stuff... maybe I will find interest to start again

It's good that your sons have their aunts to bake for them. Hehe.

I understand the losing interest thing. When we have so much to do we need to set our priorities.

Thanks for stopping by, sweet !LADY


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I think that you will be good at it. You are such a detail-orientated person and very precise about things. I believe that you will achieve your goal. For me, it will be interesting to see how baking this way will work. I am not familiar with it, but, I like that it is possible. I have also never seen it done, so I am probably more interested than the average person. :)

I have made 7-inch cakes and 5-inch cakes. The latter is more of a personal-size cake, but it works for 2 or 3 people too. I think your son will love the smaller version that looks like his size! Made for him. Good luck, I look forward to it.

PS. There is no magic to baking, but, just as you said. Precise with ingredients and directions and it will be awesome! Thanks for sharing this!

#MarketFriday began as a way to reach out across the globe and learn about different cultures through their markets, especially local markets and farmers' markets, and eventually branched out and evolved over time from straight shopping to a cultural affair as it highlights how we differ and then again, how much we are alike. We have become a melting pot of culture, but it is still the Rituals, Festivals, food, architecture, and even your language/languages that separate us... Along with the fact that these things are normal for us. There are unwritten rules that rule our social behaviors. I see this as allowing for increased tolerance between cultures and nations, and opportunities to come together on an even playing ground. A strong culture can be beneficial to a country as it promotes unity, especially during a crisis, peaceful debate, and open dialogue. I have learned so much about all of you and it has been an amazing experience. I can only hope that learning about each other can help us work together for a peaceful world.

Thank you for being a part of #MarketFriday

You are such a detail-orientated person and very precise about things.

My father was an electrician. Once he was fixing something and I aas sitting beside him. He said "Before fixing (dismantling) anything, you should examine it carefully and in detail. What is where and why. Don't rush. Be patient. 30 minutes spent in gathering the details will make you accomplish your actual task in 10 minutes. Else you may need to spend hours on the task and still not perfect."

It's one such good advice that I always keep in my pocket.

I am not familiar with it, but, I like that it is possible

I also like that it is possible, because OTG or a convection microwave are not that common household appliances in my society. Not affordable for many.

I think your son will love the smaller version that looks like his size!

Perhaps you are right. But I thought a 7 inch would be a better size, so that both of my sons can have it in snacks and some slices for their school lunch too.

A lot of !HUGS and !LUV for you ❤

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