The other side of Kano

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Mike just held his pillow over his throbbing head.

It was 4:50 AM, too late to go back to sleep and too early to wake up.
An itchy sensation crept through his body and he felt a sharp pang around his ankle that he really wanted to scratch. He heard a buzz that faded off into the other room.
Those mosquitoes were relentless. Why couldn't they wake him up at least forty five minutes later... a little closer to sunrise.

Mike rested his head on the pillow.
He just wanted to close his eyes for a minute and rest.
He held the mosquito zapper nearby just in case he got another unexpected visitor. Mike was getting comfortable and about to doze off when he heard what sounded like a tapping at the window pane.




"There must be a storm," he thought. The tapping persisted. He expected to see the wind blowing a tree branch against the window or a bird pecking to get in.
He got up to look outside, but everything outside was completely calm. There wasn't even a breeze.

Mike sat down at the kitchen table. He grabbed some Kano beans and threw them in the blender. With the blender going and the smell of freshly ground coffee, Mike was no longer disturbed with the tapping sound.

He switched on his Bossa Nova playlist and slowly poured hot water over the coffee grounds watching the bubbles peculate. He put his nose right above the mug to catch the steam and the pleasing aroma of the beans.

His mind drifted off to better days where he walked the beaches of Holualoa with his fiancée hand in hand. He remembered the hotel they stayed in like it was yesterday. Such innocence and divine perfection of youth, gone like the dust in the wind. Years had passed. The fresh aroma still lingered in the air. If only she were here. If only he could have even one last dance with her. What he would do to see her face again.

The tapping continued and snapped him out of his fantasy.
He looked at the windows again, but nothing.

He got up to go to the bathroom and the tapping got louder.
Funny, it didn't sound like the tapping of a tree on the glass as much as...


...the tapping from the other side of the mirror.

Mike looked in the mirror, dropped his coffee cup and screamed!!!

This story was written from a prompt in the Hive Cinnamon Cup Coffee community. The pictures I used are all my own cinnamon cup pictures. The challenge is still going on here. I'd like to hear @vikbuddy's story.

If you wish long enough your wishes will come true... in bed with a cup of coffee and cinnamon. ( I was taught as a young man to always add the words "in bed" to any fortune cookie saying. Now I add some cinnamon as well. )


Yay! 🤗
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I think I've found someone who hates mosquitoes as much as I do.
A creative story with the suspense of what might have been behind the mirror.
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Thanks for hosting the spooky coffee initiative. I thought I would find more funny entries, but anyway some were a good laugh.

Mosquitoes are actually the ancestors of the vampires.

And I wouldn't be surprised if what Mike saw in the world would not change us all.

This was the pre-Halloween theme...Check back next week too, there might be more funny stories:)))

Thanks for the invite... I will definitely see what is brewing.

You left me in suspense ehh???😁😁

What happened atlas?....did he see a ghost or something...why did he scream so loud??.. I love how you used sweet words in this story. The narrative was just perfect.

It seems like @zeraton filled in all the details in his story here. The story he wrote is hilarious... only the names had been changed to protect the accused.

His fiancee coming back to haunt him was one possibility. The other is the mosquito he trapped come back from the underworld to get revenge and suck his blood.


Why did the coffee go to the police?
Because it was mugged.

Credit: reddit
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You left me in suspense... I wanted to know what was the reason for those knocks on the window. My regards.


some possibilities...

  • The fiancee he had buried in the backyard came back to haunt him.

  • He saw his true self

  • He saw a version of the mosquito he had killed come back from the dead.

Your choice or make your own. A zombie mosquito is always fun.


As I suspected – someone has been adding soil to my garden.
The plot thickens.

Credit: marshmellowman
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Yikes. That would be scary.
There is something sinister about mirrors.


I didn't want to use the "It's all a dream" ending, but that is a possibility.

I wonder if it was just the caffeine making Mike hyper sensitive. What do you think? I had an idea that his deceased fiancee came back to haunt him as a giant zombie mosquito from the under world. Whatever it was looking back at him was freaky to the max.



Good choice on not making it a dream in the end. Yeah that much caffeine could have a strange effect on a person lol

Thanks. 😊 Now I can finish my afternoon coffee in peace ☕️

Goddamn suspense! Lol.

Interesting story though and damn, those mosquitoes be cruel af!

Hahaha @zeraton... I'm glad to see you are alive and well. What's up? Too much coffee for this Mike dude. !LOL I left out the part about the mosquito he trapped that came out of the mirror as a vampire mosquito and squeezed the life out of him. That's for your imagination. !LUV

I tried to starte a professional hide and seek team but it didn't work out.
Turns out good players are hard to find.

Credit: marshmellowman
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Why yes... Yes... I am alive indeed. Nothing much though bud, just taking it easy I guess.

And what the... That's a crazy drug trip of an ending!

Even I wouldn't have thought of that


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