Star Farts

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I ran across this site today that might interest some of you. It's called Helio Viewer, It's an intereactive website dedicated to our star and funded by ESA & NASA. You can create images or videos of the sun's activity or just have fun browsing said activity.

What attracted me to it was a video I saw of a massive star fart or solar flare about 24hrs ago. Here is that video.

There are several other versions of that video filmed in different spectrums of light. Like this one.

It's mesmerizing to watch the magnetic force holding the gas in the sunspot, then suddenly fail ejecting the gas from the sun.

Have a look at this video from 6 days ago. Stunning.

Anyway, go give it a spin, . If you do visit the site take the tutorial, because it's actually a bit difficult to navigate.

Thanks for reading!


Very neat websites.