Send Me An Angel - Three Tune Tuesday

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Trying to beat the heat this past weekend I headed up into the Northern Nevada desert to cool off.

It was a long drive, 8hrs, on some lonely, back country roads and I was in need of an angel to watch over me on the long journey. So I put these three tunes on the playlist and belted out some karaoke!

Real Life - Send Me An Angel (Gunship Remix)

After driving for 8hrs I reached my first destination, but access to the mine was closed off due to private land. It was right in front of me!

How we touched and went our separate ways indeed!

Mahoney - Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) - (Journey Remix)

Luckily my backup spot was nearby, 45minutes north so off I went. I needed to get to lucky at the next spot.

The Outfield - Your Love (Scenester Synthwave Remix)

Sure enough, I spent half the day there and cleaned up.

Then I cleaned up at the casino that evening too. Note, look at the small print just below the bottom right buffalo, 300($3) x 162!

I walked out $500 richer than I came in. Angels were all around me this trip and I let out a rebel yell, yaow! One last bonus remix.

Billy Idol - Rebel Yell (Meteor Remix)

Hope you enjoyed the remixes! Thanks for listening! See ya on the retrowave highway.

Thanks to @boxcarblue for introducing me to #TTT and @ablaze for dreaming it up.


Nice day! Awesome songs, and a great way to end the day for you. Sweet!

Thank you!

Not bad for a days work!! 🤑

In addition I got around $1k in mineral specimens so ya, not a bad day!

A good day indeed!

Definitely recharged the batteries. Thanks!

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I always loved this Gunship Remix!

I like the original too. I remember a movie as a kid that had it. I don’t remember name but it stared the main dude from Wonder Years and they they were going to a video game competition where the surprise game was super Mario brothers 3 and it wasn’t released yet.

Ok I’m gonna look it up 🤣
It’s the Wizard (1989)

This trailer is some kids movie nonsense but I remember this song being in a long scene.