Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous Bird

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I've been doing some work for one of my super rich clients this week. The past few days I had noticed this reddish headed bird, not a woodpecker though, hanging around the tennis court.

Then this morning it started gathering mud right beside where I was working. I knew then it was building a nest nearby. So I followed it down to the cabana by the pool and found the nest.

It had set up shop on the chandelier above the island cabinets I built. This bird either has balls to do this or a desire for the finer things in life.

Unfortunately the bird made a big mess on top of the island.

This made me think the owners may not be able to put up with the bird & it's nest because when the pooping start sand it will land right there on the island.

We'll see though. Perhaps the bird will make it in her new, blinging nest.

Thanks for reading!


Hey! Sorry I suck at staying in touch. Are you still in the Tokyo area? Doesn’t look like it lol

Yep, in the States for a bit. Kinda don't mind missing the brutal humidity of Tokyo though. Maybe we can meet up some day for a beer in Shimokita?

Let’s do it! I’m ready whenever you are. I don’t drink much but I can definitely do one or two

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