The Value of an Idea Whose Time Has Come

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Today, I hapened across this tweet and it tickled my fancy. I was a fan of Jordan Peterson until he got the vaccine. I just can't be bothered to pay much attention to him after that or to anyone who was swindled by the pharmacutical information complex over the last 2 years.

I am, however, currently a fan of Saifdean Ammous, author of "The Bitcoin Standard". As he orange pilled Peterson about the value of Bitcoin, I couldn't help but think about the value of Hive and POB.

The Value of an Idea

Where Ammous is describing the value of Bitcoin in terms of the electricity it took to mine it, I started thinking of POB in terms of the blogging it takes to "mine" POB and then in terms of the ideas behind the blog posts.

In my mind, ideas can also be thought of as a form of energy - energy that can be harnessed to mobilize people and now, with Hive, be capitalized on efficiently, giving the idea more resources to come to fruition as an action.

The value of an idea could be thought of in many ways. One way would be literally the monetary value of the idea currently. So, if you had an idea for a product or service, developed it to a point and sold it for a million bucks, you could say that it was a million dollar idea.

As, I thought about the monetary value of an idea, I started to think in terms of time. An idea that is correct, but cannot be ascertained by anyone but yourself, might not have any immediately realizeable monetary value. But, it can if it's moment comes soon enough. Think of the movie, "The Big Short".

Depending on your power of persuasion, your idea can become valuable quickly if you can pitch it to the right people. Consider the tv show "Shark Tank". In the modern world of crypto, ideas can by monetized faster than ever.

So it is evident that part of the value of an idea depends on how many people are aware of it. This can be seen in the power of the modern mainstream media. Even if it is a bad idea, it can be very monetizeable if enough people believe in it - the recent vaccine debaucle is good example in my mind.

Bitcoin is an idea whose time has come. I think this will also happen with Hive and POB. I could be wrong of course, it's happened before. What do you think? Tell me in the comments.

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People see value in different ways. But no matter what form it takes, it is still energy in one form or another. Bitcoin is just backed by literal energy whereas Hive is more backed by the energy of a global community, or that 'proof of brain' (The consensus model, not POB the token, they don't even have a front end anymore).

Yes they do, I just posted this comment from it.

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Ah, okay. It’s the same situation that we had with weedcash. You have to enter the www part. So they need to update their DNS settings, When you just enter it gives me a 404 error.

Hi @richardcrill! I think that throughout our lives we all have various ideas that could have helped many people to improve, even the whole world. The main problem of ideas is ourselves, our culture, our fears, and our learning, all that set of chains that bind us must have killed more good ideas than the plagues suffered by humanity in its entire history.

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I think if a large number of people become aware and rally behind them. Bitcoin or Hive or POB's time could come. The main thing is the number of people behind the idea. The larger the number, the easier it becomes for the idea to manifest and be a reality.

Good point, yeah, that is key.

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I like how you shifted the view from money to time. Seeing it in this angle helps align other factors that can possibly show alignment. I think in time Hive will continue to take off as more and more people search for a community that can openly discuss ideas.
To further that goal I wanted to touch base with you as a MOD of this community and ask if pasting a Hivelist shop launch post here is the best place to do so?

I have been thinking a lot about "value," lately.

Value also might have a "time factor" built in, when it comes to looking at ideas. As in "an idea that was ahead of its time." A lot of brilliant folks who are "pioneers" in their fields might think their idea is value-less because nobody seems to care, but then someone will revisit that idea 10 years down the road when some crucial element has changed... could be public perception, could be technology, could be something else.

The thing that sometimes worries me is the focus on immediacy in our world... when you talk about monetization of ideas, some very bad ideas can be successfully monetized. Here in the cryptosphere, just consider the late, not-so-great Bitconnect...

Personally, I like the idea of POB as a sort of "think tank" and "idea factory" within the greater stream of the Hive ecosystem. Of course, one of th challences of "value" is whether or not something can withstand the drain of those who want to extract value, rather than invest in it, i.e. far more sellers than buyers.


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