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Hong Kong Flower Show Is Back After 4 Years by @jane1289


Thanks for the lovely impressions from the Hong Kong Flower Show. There are some great displays. It looks very busy there and good to see things returning to normal again.

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Splinterlands: What Is The Hypothetical Dollar Value Of Your Best Soulbound Card? by @josediccus


Exactly that was one of the topics in the recent discussion in which I was involved... It is hard to determine their "future" value, but I agree 100% with you that they have "in-game value" which is the most important! Having some of these great cards, you will spare money to BUY some CL cards, for example... If you can do that, you have the "current value" of the soulbound card...

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Wednesday night walk around Luang Prabang by @jeremiahcustis


Thanks for this awesome night walk around Luang Prabang! I have never been to Laos and it would be great to visit it once (or twice 😀)... Until then, I hope I will see more posts like this where I can virtually enjoy walks in different continents and countries!

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Exploring the Chaos: Earth Soulbound Rewards by @saydie


I think that for the earth splinter, the soulbound cards are maybe not that useful but I have to admit that I didn't use them much yet because they aren't developped enough to play in Diamond. I love Fungus Flinger with the Martyr ability :-).

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Thanks for featuring my post, I like writing about splinterlands, glad you found it exciting

You are welcome! It's nice to see different views on the same topic!
Keep creating great posts!

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Thanks for the upvote and for featuring my post. It was very encouraging for me to continue to improve my content. Very awesome project.

You are welcome! Keep building, creating, and engaging!

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