The Perfect Brew

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I open my eyes in the darkness. Unfocused. Hazy. There is a dim light. The edges of awareness. What time is it? Why even bother looking at the phone? It's probably five AM. It always is. Don't grab the phone. Go back to sleep...

My hand reaches for the phone. Text, photos, videos, colours- light bombards my eyes. The time soon after you wake up is important. The brain is neurologically impressionable. The information it receives at that time colours the rest of the day. Like a neurological stamp.

Meditation is probably the best way to start your day, but photons are just so darn addictive. The light fantastic.

Put that phone down and go back to sleep.


But it doesn't happen.

I must rise, wash, and brew a wonderful day.

Coffee (1).jpg

Coffee (2).jpg

Coffee (5).jpg

Coffee (6).jpg

Images by @litguru

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That seems to be a very nice brew, must be very nice. : )

This is my favourite coffee. It's called JJ Espresso, locally roasted, and it is spectacular. So I was inspired :D

I love the look of the foam! I need to grab my brewing tools asap 😄 missing a good v60

This coffee blooms like no other. As soon as water touches it, it expands and rises in a foamy bed on which milky bubbles burst with musky aromatic vapors. It's a sneaky coffee. At first, you don't think it's a big deal, but after while you can't back to normal coffee. I've looked far and wide, but there is just no other like JJ Bean espresso.

It's the perfect time... and very overwhelming! What fantastic photos!!!😍

Having a good morning routine is useful, but sometimes I just need coffee ☕️