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Hey everyone! We hope you are having a great day. This will be our #149 episode of Hive Pakistan Daily Picks.

As part of our commitment to the Hive community, we present our daily curation compilation, a showcase of exceptional content from our talented userbase. This compilation serves as a living example of the creativity, dedication, and diversity within and outside of the Hive Pakistan community.

Our Picks:

By: @preeti
Good Food for a Good Mood- Dahi Ke Kababs!!(Indian Yogurt balls)
Curated By: @prayzz

Posted In: Hive Learners
Hello, hiveans! I Hope all are in good health. In summer times we all know what Yogurt means in diet. We drink butter milk, lassi, raita and etc in our lunch. But beside this today I am sahring a recipe of Dahi ke kabab with you all. Dahi means Yogurt and kabab is patties or Cutlets ...

By: @mah-jabeen
Beautiful henna designs
Curated By: @prayzz

Posted In: Hive Learners
Hey Guys! How are you? I hope you are enjoying summers. Its too hot days . Everyone is worried about summer. Its okay😊 ...

By: @jorgebgt
A railway on the Moon
Curated By: @gwajnberg

Posted In: StemSocial
A railway on the Moon A project that foresees the construction of railways on the moon until 2030 has moved to the second phase of the program of advanced innovative concepts, NASA's NIAC called Float, this proposal for the construction of a railway system on the moon is fascinating and if materializes promises to revolutionize the way we deal with transportation, logistics in extraterrestrial environments. Its goal is to provide reliable autonomous and efficient transportation on the lunar surface, perfectly aligning with the needs of future lunar bases that will depend on strong logistical support for daily operations. The machines would pass through a track composed of three layers, one of graphite used to make the robots float based on magnetization, another with an electrical circuit to generate the magnetic impulse necessary for transport and one more with solar panels to generate energy. for the rails. The installation of the track would be simplified, it would only need to be deployed above the ground with the possibility of picking it up and changing the transport location, during phase two of the project the team plans to focus on eliminating the risks associated with manufacturing, deployment and long term operation. term of these full scale robots, which is crucial to ensure the system can operate effectively in the lunar environment ...

By: @d-honeyb
You can call it Quit
Curated By: @amberkashif

Posted In: Ladies of Hive
From observing many scenarios, I've noticed that ladies don't quit on a relationship until they have been stretched to the limit or have someone who can really break them lose from the hold. I didn't only observe, I have done the same. Pardon me, it's a long read It all started after I graduated and was posted to a state in the northern part of Nigeria for youth service. (NYSC) Three months into the service, I met a guy who was not a corp member but resides in the state. I started a relationship with him afterwards. I got to know he had a lot of baggages, which seemed not to be a problem to me ...

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