The Laws of Thermodynamics - All That Stands Between You and Free Energy

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Wrong Science

The Laws of Thermodynamics

  1. You can't win
  2. You can't break even
  3. You can't opt out

Every scientists who goes through university has this hammered into their heads.
IT IS A LAW! The young scientist is told. Look! It even says so in its name.

(so don't even try, or you will be ex communicated!)

However a deep look into each law shows that the whole thing is bolox. Even grammatically speaking, it is false.

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Testing the laws of thermodynamics

The young scientists is not so much told, but it is implied that every time the laws have been tested, they are proven true. But this is false. Whenever scientists have tried to really apply these laws, they are always scratching their heads trying to find where some amount of energy came from.

The biggest example, "Zero Point Energy"
You remove all energy from a system and the atoms stop vibrating.
So, cool some Helium down to zero degrees kelvin... and?? they are still vibrating.

Further, we aren't supposed to be able to create energy, but many processes do. They are over-unity.
Of course this is explained away... the energy, of course, comes from some place.
It is not "free" after all. No, we can't have that.

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One of the weirdest things in physics is steam.
The extra energy that it takes to heat water from 100°C water to 100°C steam breaks the laws of thermodynamics... but ignore that, it is explained perfectly simply... yeah

But then the expansion of water into steam can create a lot of force... more energy than what went into it.

And if you could mate this with a compressor and a heat exchanger that is efficient enough, you could have a steam engine that powered itself.


They modern physicist tries to but the kibosh on this by saying Carnot's number!
But Carnot's number had been surpassed.

It is just a matter of time before someone makes a steam engine that power's itself.

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That little thing that sticks to your refrigerator... you know, constantly doing work, holding itself up, seemingly forever.
If you tried to hold your 5 year olds artwork with your finger, you would get very tired, surprisingly fast.

The magnet is continuously doing work.
And no "energy" is being put into the system.
So how is that?

Come on modern materialistic physics, square that circle.
Where is the energy coming from?
Why haven't you explained how magnets work or thrown out the laws of thermodynamics?
(btw, modern physicists are saying it is unicorn particles. Particles that shoot out and hit something, and instead of knocking it away, draw it towards)

Anyway, there are magnet motors.
Things that spin, on their own, with just the power of magnets.
They are just not very useful right now.
But that is only a matter of time.

So what do you say now about the "laws" of thermodynamics?

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From my viewpoint the laws of thermodynamics where coined to stop smart kids from actually doing fun stuff.
It is really easy to shoot down a new idea with "That doesn't work, because, LAW!"

Fortunately, we have a batch of new physicists who are taking things into their own hands and finding out what really works, or not.

Flying cars that use no gasoline? This is only the beginning.

Monopolistic power companies put out of business? Yes. With pleasure!

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I wish I'm that intelligent to understand basic Physics. tbh, I enjoy science, but I have trouble with most theories and formula in Physics, especially energy and electricity.

If I was good at it, I would be building my own solar panels or generators from the nearby river. But I'm just an 'idea' guy without that much intelligence 😆

The theories and formulas are "complicated" to keep people from just saying, straight out, they are wrong.

Everything from Einstein is completely wrong.
But the people behind it set it up like this:
Einstein is a great genius. The very smart of the smart.
No one can understand his theories, so who are you to question them?

The actual formulas of the universe are very simple.

Solar panel electrical is very simple.
Very straight forward DC electricity.

And if you break the solar power system into its two parts, each one is extremely simple.
The battery charging side
The power conversion side (converting 12V DC into 120V AC)

Buy all the pieces from harbor freight and play with them.

I'll keep this in mind since I'm planning to go offgrid when my house completes soon. Electricity is so expensive in my place right now, the sun/river is a great option for me.